Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts // “Imperare orbi universo”

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Despite the many, many flaws, there’s nothing quite like UAD out there (aside from perhaps Rule the Waves, which has its’ own problems). Perhaps one day the strategy elements will be a more fleshed out, but for now, it really is just about seeing what silly designs you can come up with that still somehow work.



  1. Austria-Hungary, sans Austria, as it happens. But yes, Dreadnoughts is not really in a finished state, although I do think it has gotten much better. There are still some glaring issues, notably submarine interactions (ironically). One of the UA channels I watch has started doing tournaments of player designs, which is pretty interesting.

  2. Also, ships can sail from japan to the us and vice versa through the pacific, the map just doesn’t show it well

  3. When they become available, US Scout Cruiser (just the first one) become hilarious with 7×3 155mm guns (with max barrel length). They burn *everything* down, while being cheap and able to slap even some CA with AP. DD typically don’t live through more than a couple of accurate salvos. Kind of wanted to see what an Atlanta on steroids would be like. And I wasn’t disappointed.

    I was well into my third campaign when I found out that I could circumvent the globe properly. It was the same campaign, whereby keeping technology and crew training maxed wherever possible that I was able to entirely destroy Japan and Russia’s navy several times over. With Russia at one point signing a peace treaty and starting a war 2 months later.

  4. Thanks for the update on how the game is going!

    And no where near as painful as playing a Genova…. 🤣

  5. We watch for the derps and entertainment, not for the ships. For the new campaign, how about playing the smallest nation available to see how long you can last?

    • The hardest nation at the moment is probably China, conversely – huge manpower, but terrible economy, and Japan is right on your doorstep. One thing I will give the game is that each of the nations does at least have its’ own challenges and feels different enough to play.

  6. Yeah, the game unfortunately still feels like an early-access title, with an unoptimized UI and a hastily-added campaign mode.

    However, I was surprised to hear that you do not consider torpedo detonations a big deal. I am very hesitant about adding torp tubes after playing the “A Different Fate” scenario from the Naval Academy (that’s the one focusing on USS Maine). Even if I added only a single tube, it was guaranteed to blow up within 10 minutes – adding a flooding to the USS Maine’s other woes. It was several months ago, though, so maybe the game has changed since then (or underwater torp tubes are treated differently from deck tubes).

  7. A tickling mix of old and new on those ships, quite amusing.
    Thanks for making and sharing!

  8. @15:00

    Seems like a French design.

  9. UAD may become a great game , it has gotten a lot better , though I feel it was better before the current full world map , it can be hard to get any real action going on the world map.

  10. Does the 9 inch gun BB have a magic booster button? i always disliked the battle mode in this game, so I hope they made this more palatable? NVM, since they have a flat Earthers Design Team?

  11. With your fleet costing so much to run would that impact the army as there would be less funds for it to operate on Just a musing on my part.

    • There are various events that pop up during peacetime that give you the chance to raise or lower the percentage of the national budget that the navy gets. During war everything gets boosted massively, but GDP growth goes right down. I think the main issue is not having enough smaller escort ships to protect transports, so the economy overall has been steadily shrinking. Player skill issue… mostly, because that “bug” where ships in port don’t protect transports even though they should is bloody annoying.

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