Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts // “Raise the Monitor”

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  1. The Grisha Inquisition

    I actually bought this game myself, after watching Stealth Gaming17 play it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t run very well on my laptop, even on the fastest setting…

  2. monitor withdraw neither had much damage a lot of dents had the monitor used 2x the powder in their guns it would of penetrate the Virginia’s armor

  3. the captain of the monitor was in the pilot house looking thru a visor when it got hit by a shell blinded him in one eye and blackened half his face for the rest of his life he survived he was the worst wounded of either side

  4. Take Monitor hull and dump on it the A-150 Super Yamato 510 mm twin turret.

  5. later models had twin turrets one fore and one aft and 15″ dahlgren guns

  6. The Clive Cussler novel your thinking of is the only one made into a movie called Sahara, it was a fun movie.

  7. “it would have not been a pleasant ship to be in in heavy seas” well, that’s how the IRL monitor went down in a storm off Florida. She had roughly 18 inches of freeboard.

  8. @Drachinifel has a nice video on the battle, if memory serves. I’d recommend checking it out!

  9. Dirk Pitt? lol

  10. iirc, this game is published by Nick Thomadis’ game-labs, isn’t it? He is better known as the man behind DarthMod for Empire Total War, a mod that took a much anticipated but disappointing game and made it actually playable. (A shame they could never figure out how to get rid of the Ottoman Bug, though.)

  11. We need these ships in Warships.

  12. The actual USS Monitor v CSS Virginia battle took 8 hours.

  13. The Virginia was based off a stream sloop, and is not a dreadnought. However I hope the devs add early steam propelled warships like screw sloops/frigates and battleships like the USS Trenton and the HMS Warrior

  14. but does it have the mighty Russian navy? WG keeps telling me it was the most powerful fleet of the 20th century! 😛

  15. “time ran out” -draw. Pretty good simulation of the real battle.

  16. The Clive Cussler “Sahara” book had Abraham Lincoln aboard.

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