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Noobs fail, PROs fail, streamers fail, everyone fails, fails everywhere.
I hope this makes you laugh as hard as it made us laugh xD
Thanks to MrG for sharing his perspective on a certain situation 😀

I do not own any of the songs being played.
Song at the outro: TheFatRat – Jackpot (Jackpot EP Track 1)


  1. Gibbins laugh is so fucking golden

  2. Okay, that Shima move made me also laughing as long as MrG did on it. 😀

  3. mr gibbins can laugh an entire day in a single breath

  4. Flambass in Missouri : “I was about to rage…”
    ennemy : “you pussy”
    Flambass : *start raging*

  5. Gibbins laugh is so contagious lol.

  6. How can you not like mr G tho, breaking his ribs for entertainment

  7. Stalingrad: Innate secret ability: “Hand of Stalin”. Any time the ship receives a killing blow, it automagically ricochets, giving the ship an opportunity to kill his attacker first.

    • @Pizvo the icebreaker is supposed to have light armor. And he was not even fully angled. In short.. its bullshit russian bias.
      You know a ship is extremely overpowered when it can tank 4-5 ships at once ( see petro)

    • @supertamal2000 Russian icebreaker is 50 mm so there is no ship in the game with enough overmach to punch trough it, not even Yama. So you can indeed angle and bounce any shell with it.

      The same thing would happen if it was Napoli or any other ship with an icebreaker hull – Flambass’ first turret was firing from an angle just sharp enough to bounce. You have to look at it from the perspective of the turret firing, not the default central perspective of the ship.

    • @Pizvo you just confirmed what I said lol, thats so OP.

      And agree with Napoli, its pretty much the italian petro minus radar.

      As for angling.. Perhaps.. btw, doesn’t Petro and Stalingrad also have hidden armor plates? I think Flamu mentioned it once.

    • @supertamal2000 It’s not OP, it’s just a thing, like turtleback isn’t necessarily OP, even though it prevents ships from being citadeled from brawling range. I mean – the Moskva has the exact same armor layout and nobody is accusing it of being OP. So do Mainz and Admiral Hipper, two very underwhelming T8 German ships. Hell – Hindenburg gets a 40 mm icebreaker AND a turtleback! All these ships would equally bounce that third Yamato volley.

      You can punish Soviet CAs from the nose without problem from that range, just not if you hit the icebreaker. He was just unlucky. It’s not just the armor that makes these ships OP, it’s a collection of things (it’s fine to have good armor, but not with those guns and that speed and radar).

    • @Pizvo Moskva can be disintegrated from almost all other angles except the front, unlike Stalingrad and mainly petrops.
      Also, Hinden takes a lot of plunging fire damage.
      I also have yet to see an hinden turtle back armor stopping a semi angled shell barrage from a yamato, which usually ricochets on petro’s armor.

      So lets agree to disagree.

  8. the laugh of Mr Gibbins, when Flambass told him he got 13 Torpedo hits, and he knows there was 0 damage 🙂

  9. Imagine getting outplayed so hard that you think it wasn’t even a fight.
    By a BB that grounded twice.

  10. That gibbins part was really good, looks like the kinda guy that keeps the game funny and never boring

  11. @4:00 Flambass with that stupid smirk on his face says it all. Priceless!
    We all have those days.

  12. It should be the goal of everyone who divisions with Mr. G to make him laugh uncontrollably.

  13. Yeahh no homo remember

  14. Mr. Gibbons: Blocks Topps

    Also Gibbons: *Peak Comedy*

  15. The Tank Commander

    Just Gibbs laughing his head off is making me laugh my head off!

  16. That Missouri clip
    Rear turret best turret
    Always the most accurate and reliable
    Always get that cit when u need it

  17. Mr. Gibbons laugh needs to take over for Santa’s HoHoHo…his laugh brings me more happiness and a feeling of joy!

  18. I just love how much fun Gibbins is ALWAYS having. like no matter what’s happening.
    Cheers m8

  19. those two are pure entertainment gold to watch

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