Ultimate Glass Cannon – The Minotaur | World Of Warships

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  1. Straight and Salty

    By the way, LevelCap, the “ultimate” glass cannons in WoWs are the Smolensk and Colbert, which out-DPM you by several hundred thousand damage per minute last I checked. They’re both tier 10 reward ships and are just as fragile as Minotaur, but their firepower is incomparable. They are considered extremely overpowered though, so as far as *balanced* tier 10s are concerned, the Minotaur is the ultimate glass cannon indeed.

    • XxXThwag DrakeXxX

      Actually minotaur has better dps

    • Colbert is tbh not that OP if at all. Super floaty shell arcs and literally no armor at all with super low maximum health. It trades a lot for that fast reload and speed.

      The Smolensk though, yeah that ship is a bit over the top.

  2. that rate of fire is mental

  3. Minotaur with the radar instead of smoke can be unforgiving, but when you catch a destroyer in smoke or another minotaur, it can be worth it.

  4. Wish my ship had “Portedeos” 5:08

  5. no??? ??????? ?? ?

    I love this ship, I think it was my fastest line grind. Couldn’t wait to give the Mino a go. I think I had like a 60% WR in it with smoke

  6. Small tips for you level:

    1. Please for the love of god use premium consumables on every ship, especially T10. You probably have premium account so you dont have to worry about losing money.
    2. Download a mod that tells you how much current/total HP available for healing. Mino has super heal and I see you wasting them on couple thousand HP.
    3. You only have 16mm bow armor. You get overmatched by 228mm and above guns. That means something like alaska can citadel you from the front but des moines will bounce if you go bow in.
    4. You are exposing way to much broadside because you are trying to kite away everytime. Sometimes staying angles and pushing towards the enemy is better than turning to expose massive minotaur broadside.

    • Also this counts for every smoke ship. Dont smoke up in the middle of nowhere but stay close to a island so when you get radared you can take cover. Always think ahead level. 🙂

    • It’s ok he is level fap. The devs will just give him more then enough to compensate

    • @Sonny Vdb hes allready good in this game that he plays for about 6months….this game is hard to master like world of tanks learning bounch of ships/tanks… keep it up

    • @00mihec00 i aint saying hes bad am i? Just giving him a tip. Im playing cb on huricane so safe to say i know what im doing…

  7. If you make Memeturd as stealthly as possible, you hit arround 8,9 km concealment and have radar as trade for smoke. You can catch BB and DD off guard by that

  8. Keep moving in the smoke to avoid enemy blind fire, they can see your shells come from smoke and return pretty accurate fire. Never sit still in smoke and always watch enemy turrets

  9. If only that moskva had expert loader, could have killed you in two salvos

  10. Every fps youtuber/streamer: escape from tarkov
    levelcap: ships 😀

  11. 4:12 Holy god, my roast is ruined.

  12. I fell in love with this thing when I started to play it with radar, that is the ultimatest glass cannon. It requires a lot of attention, trigger control and good positioning. You murder DDs, get the caps and then do whatever until you win. Radio Location skill highly recommended.

  13. “Portidoes” ?

  14. Andrew M. (Medtechfire)

    I was just thinking “man I could use some LevelCap World of Warships”. I got into playing it on mobile and I’m hooked. Not as good as pc but still fun.

  15. This is no different from playing even glass-ier Smolensk
    -Smoke up
    -get citadeled cuz you remained in the same spot or you got torpedo’d

    Smoking kills literally
    A magnet for any long range torpedos and for people who can aim for the smoke

  16. I could go for a nice plate of Portedoes.

  17. The one thing you just dont want to engage with the Minotaur is the De Moins.. Rate of fire almost matches your but with 203mm guns instead of your 152mm..and that thing acutally has something worth callng armour. So yeah

  18. Another helpful tips for seeing how enemy ships are moving. In a ship with torpedoes, switch to them briefly and you can use the grey lead indicator to see if they are speeding up, slowing down, reversing, etc. Works in Mino, Harugumo, Zao, anything with torps really.

  19. yeah. The Mino is a beast

  20. this videos show you how much battlefield has fallen, lvlcap started WoW series.

    imagine someone telling lvlcap would play this game 6 years ago

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