Unbelievable 4 Year Anniversary 100 Crate Opening | World of Warships Legends

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100 crates total for an awesome amount of ships, promotion orders and lots of other goodies. 🙂


  1. Awesome crate opening

  2. Nice 6 ships!

  3. Got two ships just out of santa and big crate. Nice.

  4. Steve Van den bosch

    Nice drop i got the duca too lol

  5. I got robbed i spent 230 pound got 192 crates i got 3 tir 6s and 2 tir 5s no commanders skins nothing i got no words gg on your crates

  6. Great crate opening

  7. Holy whale dude ahah nice

  8. Great crate opening

  9. I dislike the crates inside other crates….get on with it! lol

  10. I did 70 crates yesterday got 5 ships. Sharnhorst B, London, Warspite B, N. Dragon, and Indianapolis B.

  11. Now I am satisfied….won’t buy any containers…

  12. I got graff spee b last night

  13. Nice opening im happy for u

  14. I opened a Black Friday 21’ crate yesterday and got a graf spee black and a zieten out of it, I was so happy 😂

  15. Just watched my friend pull masagi teir 8 battleship out of a Christmas box its a .15 chance and the other ship is Republic that you have a .15 percent chance of pulling…
    dude i was almost done like i wanted to get off the game smh this dudes luck is insane he’s been pulling ships for the last 2 days. Ive been playin for 2 years and rgn hates me bro im still hurt over that pull they just gave him a tier 8 out of one box he only brought one box.

  16. I opened 3 crates on update day and got 2 ships, when I get back looks like all 17k doubloons will be going on more😂😂

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