UNDER 1 SECOND RELOAD – 383k DMG / 9kills / 4960 base XP

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Viel Spaß beim probiern

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    enemy belike: wtf that ship bro

  2. Haru laughs in japanese after killing the Halland and the Gering popped out.
    Also a classic potatoe player in the Venezia with nearly full HP at the end of the match.

  3. Me: careful for Shima… Your detected
    Player:lands torps on Shima at the same time
    Me:oh well that works I suppose

  4. 8:29 that moment, when that kraken unleashed, the gearing player starts to vaporize

  5. I would love to see the commander skills he put into the build. From what I can tell fearless brawler and incoming fire alert are 2 of them. also probably the standard 13 point commander : Preventative maintenance, last stand, survivability expert, concealment expert superintendent and think the last 3 points is basic firing training. If the Haragumo commander is reading this, can you please confirm.

    • its 21 points commander: grease the gears, incoming fire alert, preventive maintenance, last stand, demolition expert, main battery and AA spec, adrenaline rush, frerless brawler, concealment expert… & in upgrades i use steering gears mod 2 instead of concealment

    • He had no concealment on the captain. He was 6.9 concealment

    • He doesn’t need concealment when he can hide behind the wall of lead and the smoke from the hulks he’s bottoming.

    • Arizona Anime-Fan

      he definitely had grease the gears, haru has slow turning turrets it’s basically required on her.

  6. Watching that Shikashima melt was crazy.

  7. Omg… 1257 shells landed. Awesome job!

  8. HaruGuru,,,,masterful commander, balls of steel. You can be my wingman anytime bro.

  9. Momo Fuku Doodoo Windu

    That gearing witnessed the sun vomit onto his face.

  10. i gotten my F.Sherman reload down to 0.7 sec in the same game mode

    SAP went every where :p

  11. Thats just crazy bro. Thats probably the most damage and shooting rapid fire I have ever seen. If that ever becomes meta, im goood with that game lolol. Ill be lucky to shoot once every 30 seconds…this dude can shoot nonstop hahahahaha! Great setup!!

  12. I just got this ship today and in my first game did over 90K damage, such a fun ship.

  13. Wait, did they fix the issue with the faster firing guns where they were effectively limited to server tick rate? So that highest rates of fire due to adrenaline rush were not working effectively?

  14. That was pretty insane. Really enjoying to watch. I feel so satisfied when I have 300~400 hit in Haru but 1200 hit was superb. Great job

  15. Woah that thing just melted everything

  16. Pretty insane game. Well done!

  17. At first was spotted and no one shoot at him wow good enemy team

  18. I have Yamamoto…. now I really wanna push to get the Harugumo…. That’s intense!

  19. Mighty nice of this guy. Was sunny out so he blocked out the sun for the enemy

  20. These matches always seem so surreal. Essentially no radar, no CV, enemy team seemed to almost ignore you. Certainly no coordinated effort to destroy you. Great job, this doesn’t happen without skill, but man, you have to admit it was a perfect storm.

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