Underestimate This Ship and You’ll Regret It! (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. I have tallied over 220k in this ship at least a few times. Thank you big 7!

  2. Everyone looks at the citadel size and 14” guns and stops right there. They don’t realize just how much damage this thing can take and dish out when played properly. It’s one of the most fun T8 ships in the game.

  3. Yes the KGV has 14in guns.

  4. What do you think of the new changes to the Italian battleships?

  5. Your not the only one e spartan I love this ship. Constantly having some stupidly good games with it and I’ve had 4 games in a row with over 130k damage . Keep up the good work with the vids

  6. Marlborough is the only tier 8 BB I enjoy playing with the unique playstyle and highest alpha strike in the game.

  7. This ship and the Pommern I miss so much , she’s a great ship btw 😊

  8. LauncesMechanist

    Lol I still remember the first video you posted when the Marlborough and Marco Polo were the Campaign rewards.

    You absolutely DELETED that ship from the match in the first five minutes of the match.

    What made it funnier was that it was someone who had obviously bought out the Campaign.

  9. Another great video. Makes me wanna play the Marlborough. Will play it latter.

  10. dgeneratio1 [Dialga88]

    I like the Marlborough, as for the kill when on fire, i do agree but if someone has the Legendary Mod on, they would get 5% more damage for stealing that kill, so i can understand it.

  11. I dev struck a Marlborough today. He thought he was safe sailing broadside behind an island but my Missouri said no 🤣
    Anyway good game 👍

  12. GG Spartan. It’s always fun playing with and against you.

  13. Any news regarding the fleet? Hope you’re having a fantastic day Spartan!

  14. Played it yesterday, it is fun, but last game on it I got full health dev-struck by a conqueror.

  15. Marlborough is pure fun to play.

  16. Al nelson has helped with my personal damage record in my conqueror

  17. Good game w/ that ship, maybe in the future you can play it again

  18. I love this ship, so tanky when you play it right.

    The AP is so undervalued, it’s nasty.

  19. Creatures of the night

    Im pretty sure that marly has normal AP not the short fuse like most UK BBs

  20. Yes KGV has 14inch guns love the ship

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