Unique Upgrades – Summary of Each Unique Upgrade to Date | World of Warships

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Since you guys enjoyed the previous summary videos, and wanted a Unique Upgrade version, here it is. A quick summary of each and every Unique Upgrade as at update 0.11.1. I hope you enjoy the video, and do tell me if you would like to see another summary type video in the future.

This is actually a recorded video, and not taken from twitch. 😀

00:00 Introduction
01:16 Midway
01:46 Grozovoi
02:40 Khabarovsk
03:31 Moskva
04:05 Worcester
04:57 Des Moines
05:38 Henri IV
06:19 Hindenburg
07:04 Zao
07:58 Montana
08:31 Yamato
09:08 Republique
09:45 Conqueror
10:25 Audacious
10:56 Daring
11:19 Hakuryu
11:38 Harugumo
12:30 Kleber
13:16 Kremlin
13:44 Yueyang
14:32 Gearing
15:07 Shimakaze
15:57 Z-52
16:28 Minotaur
17:15 Grosser Kurfurst
17:48 Conclusion


  1. Too bad I was only able to grind 3 legendary modules before they were moved to the research bureau 🙁

  2. Hindy and HIV with legendary can use the lighthouse build, i really like it a lot especially Hindy with Lutjen. Imo

  3. Great video! just saved me a bunch of RB points on the Des Moines UU 🙂

    • I’ll get DM one anyway, haha. There are many other people recommending it and I think that it will fit my playstyle very well. I can’t count the battles in which I have wished to have it.

  4. Ruben van der Vliet

    Very informative! Big fan!

  5. My problem with the YY upgrade:

    I played YY a lot in CBs back when Radar YY was a thing, then WG nerfed the hell out of the ships general stats instead of going for the radar itself… giving me no real incentive to play her for the upgrade mission, before they moved the upgrades to the arsenal.

    For those who didn’t play old pre-nerf YY: The nerf moved the main gun reload up from 3 to 4s (+33%) and the torp reload from 136 to 156s… thats a sledge hammer nerf, because it nerfed both the smoke and the radar playstyle at the same time.

    Over time WG has rolled back some of the nerfs, in fact torp YY nowadays is stronger than it ever was (down to 129s reload, damage up from 17.9k to 18.8k), but they kept the gun nerfs. They also reworked the upgrade itself in 9.5.

    But now the module costs RB points, plus we also have both Ragnar and Smaland in the game and I own both of them. So again no big incentive for me to spend the RB points on it, compared to getting new ships like Sevastopol…

    If would roll back say half of the reload nerf, I would maybe be tempted…

  6. Many Upgrades, such Diversity, WOW !

  7. You made a couple of mistakes, for smoke of Harugumo it lays smoke for longer however dispersion of it is much quicker – so it lasts less
    also for Conqueror turret rotation is slower not faster

  8. My biggest gripe with the Yueyang legendary module is that you get a bigger concealment (since it takes the concealment module slot) and this means you get spotted from further away by the other destroyer. Because of this, you have to shoot it also from further away and since Yueyang has poor ballistics, it’s very annoying to aim and you miss a lot of shells (which negates the benefit of having a better reload). The module used to be great when Yueyang had amazing firepower to make up for the poor ballistic, but now it doesn’t so the legendary module is not really an upgrade over concealment module (and costs RB points). You end up playing Yahagi without the fun.

    • @MalteseKnight Youtube proposed to translate your comment in English and it translates to ” Yahagi ” if you are interested.

  9. Tried the Khaba legendary, still meh … especially with prop instead of rudder module I have to change my playstyle heavily … a “normal” Khaba on the enemy team simply trashed me because he was better able to duke shells (both rudder and acceleration) …

  10. Adalbert!!!

  11. GK as the once feared secondary ship, how naiive we were for believing this was the ponnacke of secondaries, now schlieffen has opened our minds to see GK/Preussen in a new light

  12. I saw a video on YouTube of a UU Audacious and she got down to like 9,5 km concealment. Idk what to do with that concealment but you can get it down really far apparently.

    • I use it on my Aud and have a concealment build. Basically you can stay closer to your fleet to provide fast support

  13. Hopefully they’ll bring in new LMs to cover all the Tier X ships, particularly tech tree ones, now that neither German BB has an LM and new tech tree branches are being introduced. Be interesting to see what they bring to the ships’ gameplay if they do.

    Nice rundown of the existing LMs, big fan!

  14. so have played my fair share of cv in my time (dont @ me)
    so for the haku lm i personally use it and love it, it lets u get through flak asnd avoid it easyer and because u aren’t in aa range for very long there for if u use it correctly u should lose far less planes
    for midway, i am personally not a fan because it goes it slot 6 which will take away your buffed plane speed, in my opionion taking away from speed and doing more damage is not worth it
    for audacious it is interesting because it allowes u to get very close, so if u get closer in a cv your planes will get there quicker so u put out more dmg so i guess it is like a weird version of a speed buff
    also big fan malta love this format <3

    • @MalteseKnight only for the HEDB, so for me it buffs 1/3 or your resources but nerfs 2/3s, if u wanted to go all in with the divebombers then it is good, but if like me your prefer and all around experiance, then for me the midways UU isnt for me

  15. How about a vid on the desirability of ‘for coal’ mods available? (For ex. the engine boost mod on the Canaris.)

  16. Did WG ever mention they are adding more for the newer tech tree ships? Italians and newer lines have no love

    • Next Line will be Italian Destroyers, and the line after that is French Super Heavy Cruisers.

    • @MalteseKnight I meant adding new Unique Upgrades. We really havent gotten any new ones for a while.

      We now have entire nations of ships that dont have access to any upgrades (Italians)

  17. I would not call the Kleber Legendary mod “Garbage”, it just changes your ship 100%, I would love to have 2 Klebers in my Port so that I can play both.
    Essentially you become a Shimakaze that does 55 knots and has 12 very fast hard hitting torps and best in class Torp DPM.
    The Guns, though useless in a dogfight with DDs, still have great AP performance and getting closer to the enemy undetected means you can citadel Crusers more reliable.

    Sure, normal Kleber is just better, no surprise it is one of the most OP DDs out there, but if Legend Kleber would be a sepperate ship is would still be very effective and fun.

    For Z52, I dont have the Legend here, but I could immagine it beeing very good, if you have a gunboat Z52, you dont care about Detection anyways, so all you sacrefice for way better torps is in fact just 5% concelment. Torps on Gunboats are a bonus, but often a very good bonus to draw out DPC and set fires after.

  18. I’ve only been playing for around 2 years so I’m not sure what it was like in its prime, but it honestly feels like DM’s UU could have remained a lot more relevant if there wasn’t so much overmatch against it now. I still really like to use it but I do agree that it doesn’t really feel that great a lot of times.

  19. Would be more valuable review if discussing the net difference of gains and losses vs what’s already in the slot of the ship the legendary is replacing. For example the groz is -18% to reload, however slot 6 is already -12% to reload

    • For Grozo, I had defo discussed the 6% difference in the video, but indeed for some I hadn’t, apologies

  20. Since you didn’t tell us, do you recommend Shima Legendary? (Btw, I think that I sold it some years ago and I didn’t noticed it untill now haha)

  21. LM Minotaur works really well in Dirigible Derby…….mega smoke-screens really help the whole team.

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