UNLEASH THE ARTILLERY BARRAGE! World of Warships #2 Multiplayer Gameplay

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  1. Lalaaa….yea

  2. lol 53 secs im early hi ohm

  3. Pick only Japanese warship

  4. Could u play with jack

  5. Tired, but you’re always worth the wait! ☺

  6. It’s funny watching an inexperienced YouTuber play when you also watch other guys like the mighty jingles. Btw highly recommend him

    • I was screaming at Ohm when he took torps twice and did not use repairs, and yah i love Jingles too

    • No it’s not get the sand out your vag

    • Antoine P no, it’s not rude. Not when it’s a relevant channel that specializes in the content shown. Also, the mighty jingles is a sweet channel

    • It is rude, I am sorry you people do not know much about etiquette but youtubers have said this repeatedly across the board as well as streamers, which ohm is both and he has said this on stream, that they do not like when people push other creators’ content while on their channel. And it isn’t a relevant channel because it is not someone he specifically collaborated with. It isn’t like he is saying if you want more go check out this guy. So pushing this guy’s channel who ohm doesn’t collaborate with whatsoever is considered rude. And david rosas i took no offense just thought you should know most creators’ do not like seeing another channel being pushed in their own channel.

    • Yeah, I just recently found out that it’s poor etiquette to do this unless the link of a video collaborator provided in the description isn’t working.
      This game’s too slow for Ohm, imho. It just isn’t as engaging as fast twitch, cooperative games. Similarly, other channels have really good strategic sense and map awareness but terribly slow reactions (for understandable reasons) – so their ideal game spaces just don’t overlap.

  7. səpnu puəs
    Turn your head upside down

  8. ohm, i reccomend going to the controls settings, and turning on alternative battlemode, that way a LOT more info is displayed, duration of a fire/flood and reload times of guns and torpedos. Also, use control to use the cursor, and then click the gear. In there you can turn on a button called “last known position” which means you dont need to remember where those pesky DDs went, you can see on the map! Also make your map bigger, using the + key, and turn on literally every thing you can tick there.

    WoWS is a game about stratagy, and more info is better stratagy.

  9. Never underestimate the power of the ‘little guys’ aka Destroyers… 😛 They can hold their own in a Fleet… 😀 Always enjoy the strategic games!

  10. Ohmwrecker / Maskedgamer

    Tonight we’re going back into World of Warships, it’s been nearly a year since the last time, and now we’re checking out some of the lower rank ships that you’ll see pretty early. It’s nice to mix things up sometimes on the channel, hopefully you guys enjoyed seeing this again (I know a lot of you enjoyed the last episode)! If you enjoyed it be sure to hit that like button, and stay tuned for more awesome content in the days to come! 😀

  11. 8:56 *Mild* Torpedobeat plays in the background :v

  12. Ho love ohmwerker like

  13. No matter what, I know an Ohm upload will be both entertaining and educating. I always get hooked by your commentary and end up learning so much! <3
    From Captain of Space to Captain of the Seas, I'm proud to be part of your crew.
    We'll follow you anywhere, sir! ;D

  14. I usually play destroyers in this game…. My Gremy is fun

  15. Amirul Adnan Rosnadi

    Ohm, you should play HoldFast!

  16. Does AP work the same as in World Of Tanks where the velocity is the same?

  17. I love Wargaming’s games, my first game of that kinda realistic scale was World of Tanks. still play it sometimes.

    The only thing I don’t like is the laggy servers, but that’s just my Internet probably

  18. What happened to dead by daylight?

  19. Loses almost all of his health immediately from flooding and then dies by 1v1 a Destroyer in a Battleship…..Smh

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