Unlock FPS in World of Warships 2020

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Sharing how to unlock FPS for World of Warships as of 0.9.9, hope to keep this up and always update to the most recent way to unlock FPS. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

https://warships.us/notser – Warships Friend Invite

https://discord.gg/BKgufYX – Discord Server


  1. Notser I need you to do a video on unlocking my win percentage…I’m stuck at 53. I think it’s a bug

  2. Droid Motorola 388

    Instructions unclear. My Neptune now reloads faster than Gatling gun.

    But thanks so much for the info man. I appreciate it

  3. Abdul Hakim Abantas

    Me with a 60hz monitor: Right… Imma stand in the corner

  4. How do I reduce the install size though… 100GB is insane.

    • Dont install from Steam, install WGC and its half the size, dont ask me why

    • Слава Сахно

      It should be around 50 GB fresh. You need to delete an old replays (if you were recording before 0.8.smth), clear “screenshots” folder and all data in “updates”.

    • Steam version takes less storage than the WGC version, except you need to do a major workaround if you want to use your Wargaming account in the steam version. 50gb on steam vs 80-90gb for WGC version, the difference is obvious.

    • w09509 Master Rahl

      @Dennis C just did fresh install during 9.8 it was 85gb

    • @Excalibur_300 I was at steam at 62gb then moved to WGC yesterday n now its 55gb

  5. 04:30 I noticed with the new format that if you have a mod, the replay’s will not load the match too. I have not figured which ModStation mod is killing the replay.

  6. Very disappointed to find out you weren’t letting me play WOW as a first person shooter. Still this is useful, thanks.

  7. the game has average graphics at best, even on max. No reason to limit fps Wargaming

  8. well i tryed this a few days ago and in folder was nothing xD

  9. Maybe a small piece of advice: I’d use Notepad++ to open XML (or any other programming related files).

  10. Where did you get your desktop background?
    I want that it just looks sick😍

  11. I would dare say Novogram mod pack is easier to use. Open, klick “unlock fps” and then done.
    Plus that you get access to a bunch of cool mods beside that. For example a working sight reticle.

  12. Thanks for info about this Notser, haven’t seen nearly enough people cover this throughout the years.
    I’ve been using this trick for ages ever since i found it mentioned in an old obscure NA forum post that’s probably impossible to find now.
    Just wanted to mention that there’s also some other options that might help out if you happen to not have a super up to date or powerful computer (or if you don’t have an SSD), its certainly helped me with my 3-4ish year old rig:


    This is set to false by default and is at the very start of the file, pretty self explanatory, it preloads and caches some of the effects/textures/etc so that the game doesn’t have to manually load them and unload them every time you go into a map, at least in my case without an SSD it really helped out my map loading times. Before i would load into a map just when the timer hit 0 or even after that, now a days on average i usually load into a match around the 10-15 second mark.


    The amount of memory space that the game can use to preload/cache effects/textures/etc, by default this is set to 2gb (it’s written in megabytes), but you can set it to your max ram size so that it has as much size to work with as possible, in my case i only got 8gb of ram so 8192mb is as much as it can allocate, this doesn’t mean it’s going to max out your ram while you’re playing the game though.

    Self explanatory, makes the game preload its assets by default.

    This is a bit of a weird one, you all remember how the dock used to stutter and in general be really slow? Remember when WG said they fixed it? I sure as heck do, and then when they did the dock camera felt like it was swimming in molasses, and then i discovered why. They added this line of code, AND SET THE FRAME SKIP TO 50 BY DEFAULT. That was the fix but christ i hated it more than the stutters, so i set it down to 5 as to avoid the stutters but make the dock not run as slowly. This all might have just been only happening to me but wanted to share regardless.

    Alright hope this helps any of the bros without an up to date/powerful computer, i know its sure as heck helped my over the years. I used to play WoWs on a laptop with intel integrated graphics 3000 and these did certainly help a bit back then before upgrading to my current roughly 3-4ish year old desktop. Cheers lads.

  13. HOLEEE CRAPPP!!! 75+ fps! I’m totally embarrassed to say that while playing on my pos 2012 Dell laptop, I rarely got above 23 fps. 27 was a really good day one time! And worse, my 2008 home-built desktop was still alive until late 2018. If I got 18 fps, I was happy. But I’m stepping into the modern world and awaiting a new laptop from Amazon. It’s gonna be a brave new world! PS – WOW is the only video game I play, so I never set up a gaming rig.

  14. Awesome mate 👍really good tip 🙂 work splendidly 🙂 I’m curious why Wargaming doesn’t make that feature in game settings.

  15. Thank you very much,
    btw there is no engine_config in res_mods for me and Im using mods

  16. There’s no engine_config.xml in my res_mods folder. even though I have mods

  17. I wish I could switch my view to inside the operations room, in the superstructure… Or the armored one as I see on some of the dd’s. Would be hell to play like that… I just want to see the captains view from this windows. Giving me more of a feel for the size of these ships.

  18. FPS isn’t the problem, it’s lag.

  19. It’s horribly annoying having to go change the max framerate again every time there’s a tiny little hotfix update. The change to have different files for the current/previous patch versions just made it slightly more annoying.

  20. thank you Notser finally someone who does show where the file is

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