UNSINKABLE SAM Bismarck …well…sinks?…World of Warships

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  1. Well played but unfortunate. GG anyway.


  3. GG👍!!!

  4. Seltsam so unsinkbar sieht die nicht aus

  5. GG! GOOD Playing~

  6. Unsinkable Sam is the cat.. who promptly swam off to another ship. I think that’s an unlucky cat.. for the humans around him.

  7. I mean does the Bis. secondaries aim before firing.

  8. No! Not again a sinking Bismarck no please! Especially with the cat!

  9. A prefect demonstration on why you should not repair a single fire unless you are 100% certain your next damage con will be available before the next fires are set. Too unfortunate to lose that one having +250k in a Bismarck.

  10. Im crying

  11. Awesome, playing 8 by 8

  12. A non secondary build? Hmmmm

  13. These battleships with torpedoes are so dodgy.

  14. Bismarck sinks again noooooooooo

  15. 4:27 was the single best salvo I have ever seen from a bismarck

  16. My favorite ship in the game.

  17. omg what a heavy team… poor his back

  18. Ganondorf 153 Van Casand

    If you played in consoles : you have already won the match because on consoles they have not aded aircraftcarrier

  19. On the dock you can see a cat on the deck. Get a look on the top left side of the deck.

  20. What is this intro?

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