Unstoppable CRUISER vs Massive AIRCRAFT CARRIER Battle in World Of Warships

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Download World of Warships here: https://wo.ws/2KAIi72
New Players Use Code “BOOM” for: 200 doubloons, 2 ships, 20x Camouflage, 2.5million credits, and 7 Days Premium!



  1. Early!

  2. Yooooooo baron thanks for playing this game i love it and your my favorite Youtuber

  3. Ayan Pratap Kandari

    Hey baron pls also make ur ravenfield videos. I find them truly Aeosome.

  4. Comments 23
    Me: can I see them
    Yt: haha NO

  5. Hey baron I watched some of phlys old vlogs and did not know you guys knew each other

  6. I played this then this show up
    Proof of perfect timing

  7. I was literally just playing this!😂

  8. Well, about damn time. Lmao. Hope I see you on the high seas.

  9. I always play the fríant!

  10. Nah, Biden would have said
    “Provide aircraft trafinageratin”

  11. Christopher Medeiros

    Been a while since we’ve seen you play this game.

  12. MoltenUprising MK4000

    Anchors aweigh, Cap’n Baron!!!!

  13. Man…. when will he play warThunder again

  14. When are the Sumerians coming?

  15. Kinda sad that it took a sponsorship to get him to come back to this game. Please go back to playing this just to blow crap up!!!

  16. Absolutely would like to see you play more WOW

  17. I started playing it In phone! And it’s a great game! All though the graphics aren’t the greatest in the mobile version. But I don’t care! It’s an awsome game anyway!

  18. Press Z after firing, trust me.

  19. I finally found where he found to use “We may fire when ready” Grand moff Wilhuff Tarkin Said it in the death star right when it was going to go boom.

  20. Come on Baron, you can do better. You’ve played this before.

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