Up coming review for the New York World of Warships with the Magnificent Margon

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G’day Guys.

Well guys got around to getting a new program for editing with and I have just done up the video very quickly with some of the art work that has been done up for me and just showing off what I have been working on getting set up.

I am doing a review on the New York U.S.A Battle ship witch should be coming out over the next day or so.

See you all soon.

e-mail: Magnificent.Margon@hotmail.com
System specs: GPU: GeForce GTX550Ti. CPU: Inter® Core™ i5-2320 CPU @3.00GHz. Memory:16GB RAM.

I play on the Asia server of WoT. http://worldoftanks.asia/
So if you would like WoT replays here is where to go. http://wotreplays.com/
Word of Tanks Wiki. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Tanks

Circonflexes twitch.

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