Update 0.10.5: The Grand Battle | World of Warships

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Super battleships make their “grand” entrance in a new battle type codenamed the “Grand Battle”
we’ve deactivated allied damage
the rocket-launching mechanics for attack aircraft have evolved
and loads more!

• A new branch of German destroyers is now live and ready to be researched!
• Prepare to fight in the Grand Battle—a new temporary battle type that sets super battleships on their path to dominating our seas! You’ll also get to try out the new “adjustment firing” game mechanic when you head into battle at the helms of these vast floating fortresses.
• The rocket-launching mechanics of all attack aircraft have evolved.
• Damage can no longer be inflicted to allied ships! Rest assured, your ships are now safe (when it comes to friendly fire from your allies, at least)! Reckless teammates can no longer damage or destroy you.
• Recruitment Points are being reworked and will re-emerge as a more versatile resource named “Community Tokens.”
• Prepare your bids for a new auction dedicated to the U.S. Independence Day, and get ready for some combat mission groups that offer Colorado, clad in her Independence Day permanent camouflage, as the ultimate reward!


Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website: https://wo.ws/website

If you’re a console player, check out WoWs: Legends https://wo.ws/WoWSLegends


  1. How about something crazy and new? Like balancing for old tech tree ships? Or new maps?

  2. Hannover and Satsuma: Exists
    Fire spammers, torpedoes, and anything else: Heavy breathing

  3. May all paolo emilio owner get a match where hannover/satsuma player has 10 out of 100 situational awareness

  4. “So Friendly Fire is finally removed?”

    WoWs: Well yes, but actually no

    • In a productive way, I think.

    • I’m frustrated, with friends we live firing at each other but in a playfull way, and when we had a occasion to solve all the friendly fires issues and have a real fun sending shells on dividion mates, well the problem remains the same…

  5. Strike fighters just became all but useless for damaging DDs. So back to griefing cruisers.

  6. Japan: A huge BB similar to Yamato but with Shikishima nuke guns.

    Germany: Bismarck’s fat cousin.

  7. > get excited for the big bb bois
    > finally has the chance to play as one
    > goes into match
    > gets farmed by everything and dies
    Yes, fun

  8. Trolls can thank themselves for friendly fire being removed. That you so much WG.

  9. Friendly fire is disabled?

    Finally, now I dont have to worry about the pink potato in his Yoshino behind me.

  10. Ngl, that punishment system for friendly fire is actually quite nice. It just needs an extra tweak, that being when two allied ships crash into each other and one of them was blocking the other’s retreat. HP penalty for that and co-op battle punishment.

    I wished this system is implemented into WoT and WoT Blitz. Because honestly the amount of trolls intentionally blocking someone and using them as meat shields is staggering.

  11. I don’t like how Dasha is slowly being phased out by this new voice over

  12. WG finally makes brawling a thing again but its only a temp battle mode. Go figure it doesntly have anything directly to do with CV’s or the preimium shop.

  13. Way wo wo. Turning pink now means no rewards? Even if you don’t mean it? Bruh, if it doesn’t hurt them, why are you still punished?

  14. So instead of making DDs cry with Tiny Tims, I’m going to make them scream with HE dive bombs.

  15. Don’t you guys think, some players now will purposely eat friendly torpedoes because they are just jerks?

  16. If you’re going to remove the ability to damage friendly ships in the first place, then why still keep a friendly fire penalty? Removing friendly fire alone fixes the problem.

    • ok cool, btw please add more bbs like this

    • 2 subjects not talked about once again . Making match making closer . So you are only in battles 1 up or down. It happens randomly but not enough . Can’t count the times 7s are in battles with 9s. It’s ridiculous and the excuse there isn’t enough players is old , if the timer goes over a certain amount of time use bots … like in lower tier matches…

      2. Submarines. Bring it haters lol

  17. I can see the friendly fire system being abused by toxic players by purposefully running into torps to get players pinked.

  18. Toxic players will now sail directly into your torps.

  19. aaah, just how my grandfather remembers it, when shooting at his allied ship, it just bounced off as nothing happened…

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