Update 0.10.7. — “Submarines in Ranked Battles” | World of Warships

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Ranked Battles with submarines in the mix, the Rotterdam Dockyard, and other new features coming your way in Update 0.10.7!

The following new features await you in Update 0.10.7:
• Submarines in Ranked and Co-op Battles.
• The Rotterdam Dockyard prepared and ready for the construction of De Zeven Provinciën.
• Ongoing Early Access to Dutch cruisers.
• A new season of Clan Battles.
• Changes to Commander skills.

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  1. Since you have the polish language for the błyskawica and orkan. It’s about time to get the swedish language for the swedish destroyers

  2. The exact reason that I need to move to another game.

  3. Just when I thought I was gonna get into ranked

  4. 🏅General Tin WoWs🏅

    This is nonsense to the game devs.

  5. seriously, the only thing we asked for was the missouri, and you will put it in “random packages” …

    Seriously, I’m sick of you doing that, that you only think of the “wallet warriors” who can spend $ 100 or more like nothing and not the rest of your players.

    You went from being an entertaining game, to one in which if you don’t have a salary of a politician you won’t have anything nice, and I really don’t see the reason to continue playing your games.

    • As i do agree with your opinion, Is there a statement anywhere that literally says they will put it in bundles?

    • ​@theJC the update notes, on the post of Update 0.10.7 in the official World of warships website

    • WG needs money to run the game, and as a company their main goal is gonna be to earn money. I’d rather say it’s impressive that they have kept away from pay-to-win!😊

    • @theJC textual:
      “Our special event that commemorates the end of World War II launches on August 27. During the event, IX Missouri will appear in random bundles that can be obtained in exchange for Doubloons.”

    • @luka foulke alright, thanks

  6. game has a great concept and original design but this train wreck is looking grim

  7. Maybe fix your game first?!?:
    – getting “citadelled” through the funnel
    – torps not firing straight if your ship takes a turn
    – sometimes no results screen after battle
    – etc.

    • The last one is at least fixed in this update.

    • The etc part is really scary

    • another Flamu watcher I see. ^^ What about just uninstalling and playing war thunder instead

    • Totally “fixing” CV rockets against DDs so that there is now no effect way for them to damage a DD (except a lucky torp). DDs just running in on CVs and no way to counter it – nice job WG. If you are going to “fix” how about balancing it?

    • @KyleRoku To be fair, the CV didnt had any counter before that, while countering all the other classes was quite dumb (basically it was rock paper siscers gun, with CV being the gun);
      Nerfing the rockets was probably ment to nerf CVs against subs (otherwise they would have implemented way earlier), with the upside that DDs dont get hit that easily by CVs;
      Still the spotting of DDs by CVs was and still is the main reason DDs get demolished, so I would not say DDs counter CV but at least its a bit more in the DDs favor late game

  8. lol subs in ranked XD.. thats gonna be a fun experience… is it double cv too+

  9. So I was looking forward to getting the missouri in the event, thinking it was at the usual Tier IX price of around 19k dubs and now you are saying we will get it in random packages which will probably milk us for another 10K+ for 90% of the playerbase trying to get the ship?!!! F*ck off.

  10. Ah yes a class that specifically wrecks pushing bbs, just what we needed

    • @Kieran Yes, but then in that case, BBs need more survivability skills, because with subs coming, and HE fire spam still a thing, and floods, DCP is going to be VERY TAXED, VERY FAST.

    • @Sailor Moon got to remember though that 2 submarines will take up the spaces of either 2 cruisers or 2 dds so technically there will be 2 less torpedos or 2 less he spammers to deal with

    • @Sailor Moon it won’t be as bad as what you think it is, I’ve played the subs on the test sever and they are difficult and once you’ve been detected you are so so so so easy to kill

    • @Kieran first of all good luck getting detected as a sub, you will have to royally mess up for this. Also a bb can angle towards the smoke of a dd and weave between the torps. Go ahead and try to deal with a sub that specifically goes after you. If you don’t have airstrike you are done for. Also even if you damage con his pings he can spam you more with no issues. And here is a fundamental difference between subs and dds. Sub torps ignore both your torpedo protection and deal citadel damage. Meaning a bb which can deal with the harassment of a dd for a while and mitigate its damage with heals, it will get crippled by a couple of sub torpedoes. And good luck trying to dodge these homing, fast, torpedo ignoring, citadel hitting torps. DDs are a walk in the park to deal with, compared to subs for a bb. And the asw planes wont save you , if the sub wants you dead you can’t stop it. As for subs being easy to kill when surfaced, I got news for you. Every ship caught with its pants down is done for. Same way bbs are caught overextended, the same way cruisers get caught broadside, dds get spotted , and cvs get caught at close quarters, every ship can get caught like that. So it doesn’t count as a sub weakness

    • @Stavros Stamelos have you even played subs or agasint them on the test sever? Because your comment doesn’t make it sound like you have

  11. Norbert Wojcieszak

    Until now, I thought that this game cannot be broken anymore. And I don’t mean cheated events, idiot boxes or other cheating players. This time I mean the game itself; it’s good that I don’t have to “play” anything anymore

  12. Looks like credit nerfing the Missouri wasn’t enough. Now you sell her only in Lootboxes

  13. Let me Guess, If You want those collaboration skins, You will have to pay basically a higher price of a new full released game

  14. Honestly just screw submarines… accept the wasted hours working on them and stop your player base from uninstalling.

  15. Ranked with submarines? That’s a hard pass for me. Can’t be bothered.

    • Right there with you lol I was hoping WG wouldn’t be a bunch of clowns and keep the subs into its own game mode because personally i have no interest in them. Its just another ball to juggle in a game that already gets players blood pressure through the roof but yet; here we’re.

    • a large group is against it, most Youtube channel owners have reservations against it, but like with the CV, they developed it so it HAS to go into the game. They tried with a side game, now they slowly push it in ranked… and soon in the game. Something no one wants there…. (like the CV).

    • Right! Forcing people to play the class most didnt want not because subs went historical, But the FACT WG hasnt done any rework RIGHT or even close to desents and they ACT like they cant hear us about CVs!

    • @D Fg A highly vocal minority does not make a majority.

    • @John a low vocal minority does not make a majority either

  16. Ah yes subs…. yet another reason to question wg’s sanity.

  17. Well thank you WG for selling Missouri RANDOM package! You’d better sell it just by doubleloon or I won’t spend my single money on it

  18. I know how those top tier player play in ranked battle,their game is already kinda unbalanced,if you add sub into ranked battle,I swear to god it will be less people to play ranked battle and they will rather play random or co-op or operation but not ranked

  19. Philippe Guevremont

    I stopped playing a few years ago after a few games with the CV rework and never looked back, until a few weeks ago when I decide to give it another go (without spending one dollar mind you: too many lies, shady business practice and ignored community feedback). I lasted 1 month… The torpedo bug, the Yukon debacle, submarines forced in ranked despite not being ready what the heck is going on with that last minute buff to submarine torpedoes!?!), citadels through the funnel bug, Dutch cruiser scamboxes, the foreign voyage “lost in translation” lootboxes and now the Missouri Debacle! Have you got no shame, WG? What about your lies? “There will never be submarines in WOWS” “There will never be ships with larger calibers than the Yamato” “We will never sell Tier X premiums” etc. *Unbelievable* To all you whales and wallet warriors out there: *STOP* giving them your hard earn money! The only way Wargaming will listen to the community is if their profits dry up. Stop playing would be even better. Only come back if there is a real shift in policy at WG… I know it sucks, I want to love WOWS, but enough is ENOUGH!

    • You are absolutely right everything in the game is more and more new ships new commander skills, mixed class like Ragnar 30sec Sur.Radar fanny, Crusier with bomber planes and etc players who play with them total beginners cmon how we play Xs tier games.When i see how teams play in random i jump in battle with bots to grind ship or finish missions.This game for sure go the bottom for me.

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