Update 0.11.10: Early Access to Japanese Light Cruisers, Battle Pass and Graphics improvements

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Get ready for Early Access to new Japanese cruisers; U.S. and German submarines in the Tech Tree; and a whole lot more!

00:00 – Update 0.11.10 delivers the following new features:
01:22 – Second branch of Japanese cruisers
02:56 – Battle Pass
04:01 – New Clan Battles season
04:29 – Four Brawl rounds
04:58 – Graphics Improvements


— https://wo.ws/3i9QAAm
👁‍🗨 In The Ports of World of Warships — https://wo.ws/3q8uy5w

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  1. I can’t nail down the accent Julls. Any graphical improvement is a good thing as the art dept rules. The new IJN cruisers will probably eat cits and I hope the gun ranges are greater than ships like Mogomi currently.

  2. I don’t think Dasha is coming back, same for the other guy they used for the dry dock episodes. Julls is starting to grow on me, personally, and I don’t think she deserves hate.


    Amazing! Nerfing all the IJN CLs from tier 5 to tier 9 so that they are more difficult to grind through and then constantly buffing the Tier 10 to get people skipping other tier and get to the best ship as fast as possible, Honestly incredible how this company runs thing !

    These ships went from super interesting, to super nerfed garbages.

  4. I’m afraid of the battle pass currently. Didn’t think WG would stoop to that level.

  5. I love to see the game improving and always like a new ship line up. But I an missing Dasha. I hope she and her family are ok.

  6. As usual the only good thing to come from these updates is graphics. Good job art department. The only good department

  7. IJN heavy cruisers needs to be updated a lot

  8. Everybody and their mother has a battle pass now for their game I miss the simpler times

  9. WOWS point of order. At this time in our game I hear you are needing more income to keep up these improvements. For those of us that can’t grind like we don’t have jobs to go to, would you make steel for sale or for purchase by Doubloons? There are many ships I would get and play. And yes, could you fix the artillery bug? Otherwise, WOW is looking good. Love the Better Graphics. Well, that’s my request and Beef. So, for now Over and Out

  10. The Japanese weren’t exactly big with light cruisers. If they could convert it to a heavy they did.

  11. _I smell the Legendary MNF Surcouf soon! Massive French Submarine with 2x203mm and Hangar…_

  12. Those new graphics do look great, hope there’s also better textures for underwater environments

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  14. All i can say is, art department, yall are carrying this game!

  15. Immediately got Takahashi as 1st bundle, first time for me

  16. Hey Julls, you’re doing great. It’s a tough job, I’ve been there. Too bad you had to introduce an abysmal ship line.

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