Update 0.11.2: Italian Destroyers. Part 1 | World of Warships

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A new event featuring Italian destroyers, the return of the Savage Battle, and much more!
00:00 — Intro – Update 0.11.2
00:25 — Pan-Asian cruisers in the Tech Tree
01:00 — Italian Destroyers: Curtatone, Nazario Sauro, Turbine, Maestrale, Aviere, Luca Tarigo, Vittorio Cuniberti, Adriatico, Attilio Regolo
02:00 — Early Access: Curtatone, Nazario Sauro, Turbine, Maestrale, Aviere, Luca Tarigo, Vittorio Cuniberti, Adriatico, Attilio Regolo
02:35 — Clash of Courage competition
03:20 — The Savage Battle in the “all vs. all” format
04:55 — Tweaks and improvements

🔊 Let’s dive into the details of these and other changes!
EU: https://worldofwarships.eu/news/game-updates/update-0112-italian-destroyers-part-1/
NA: https://worldofwarships.com/news/game-updates/update-0112-italian-destroyers-part-1/
ASIA: https://worldofwarships.asia/news/game-updates/update-0112-italian-destroyers-part-1/

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  1. All updates feel rushed now with less time for testing but maybe that’s just me.

  2. Now I have to deal with Yolo Emilos at all tiers

  3. What happened to Dasha ?

  4. Dasha looks different.

  5. Dasha looking a little rough

  6. Ellis Karanikolaou

    Wonderful !!! Thankyou World of Warships …

  7. Long Have I waited for Italian DDs!~Finally YOLOOO EMILIOOOO on all tiers XD

  8. Two years later and still no new maps. Early access loot crates taking priority, sadly.

  9. I wonder if people actually going to play this cuz Italian cruiser is already so powerful

  10. The best news being the Pan Asian cruisers as a full tech tree. I can finally sell my lower tier early access cruisers!

  11. I hope I’ll be able to get all 4 patches, they look so marvelous. Art compartment is the only reason I’m playing this game. Oh almost forgot: Buff Colombo and ITA BB’s

  12. Important question can anyone tell me is it still possible to earn pan-Asian tokens before I spend the ones I have because after the update they’ll not be allowed to spend on items
    Thank you
    Rocky069 NA.

  13. 1 question is it possible to still earn Pan-Asian tokens before I spend them because as of Thursday I wont be able to
    Rocky069 NA.

  14. All right!! way to go!!

  15. It’s a quality of life upgrade for the UI, only really useful for players doing the Research Bureau with FXP.
    The change means that instead of having to unlock each ship one at a time, you can reset a tech tree and jump straight from Tier I to X.

  16. I like this game, i love this game, so so so much, that makes the love became hatred. when the developer destroy this game.

  17. Where’s Dasha?

  18. Александр Паньков

    You need to publicly state the opposition to Russia and Belarus for the war against Ukraine that is murdering civilians. I urge everyone to boycott this game.

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