Update 0.11.5: U.S. Independence Day | World of Warships

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U.S. Independence Day celebrations, the return of Convoy, a new map, and a whole lot more!

00:00 — Update 0.11.5 is bringing the following:
00:35 — U.S. Independence Day celebrations
01:35 — Updated U.S. Destroyer models
In Update 0.11.5, the models of Mahan, Benson, Fletcher, and Gearing are getting revamped; in Update 0.11.6, we’re revamping the models of Sampson, Wickes, Clemson, Nicholas, Farragut, and Sims.
02:00 — The return of Convoy
02:50 — New map: Faroe Islands
03:20 — Two rounds of Brawls
03:55 — Personal Challenges
04:25 — Matchmaker and submarine tweaks
04:50 — Tansformers

🔊 Let’s dive into the details of these and other changes!

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  1. Andrea Dal Cortivo

    It would be appreciate also a little buff to the bath tub named “California”

  2. …so what happened to the maps designed by the community contributers when they visited St. Petersburg all those years ago? I for one would love to play on the one designed by Jingles and his team, with islands you’d struggle to get aircraft over.

  3. Well maybe she found that special guy. limiting Subs and DDs to 4 or 5 is better but not much that’s still torps all over the place. No mention of downgrading CVs so they can’t destroy you in 1 or 2 attacks. It’s always fun to be chased all over the map in your BB by a sub while dodging DD torps, gunfire, parachute bombs, 8 torps at a time from a CV, and skip bombs.

  4. Still can not believe we do not have subs vs defenders convoy mode! Although with the current meta we know why BB where sent on convoys not to protect against capitol ships but to sink subs 🙂

  5. Dasha still looking good. I wonder where she records these from these days?

  6. Hi, I think we need more historical ships such as USS Washington, Uss Johnston, Uss West Virginia 1944 version, IJN Hiei, Uss northampton or Houston, HMAS Camberra 🙂

  7. That doesn’t seem to be my problem I end up in my battleship or cruiser out on one side of the map or the other usually away from everybody else. So I have to either make a left or a right to go get up with other people so I don’t get picked out. And usually I’m behind a big rock when I appear so I have to go right I’ll have to go around the Rock. Maybe they just don’t like me or somebody at war gaming thinks it’s funny to spawn you behind a rock.

  8. As we discussed in our recent Q&A session, the team above has a 51.8% win rate on the “Ocean” map, to balance the map, we rotated it 180 degrees

    Balance Ability: 100

  9. Thanks WG, appreciate the update.
    And thanks for reminding the Americans what their 1776 is. Takes a patriot to remind a patriot 🙂

  10. New map: cool
    Transformers collab: LOL Rusty Vending Machines nobody wants
    Submarines: the still silent majority wants them which is like only the developers of them but nobody else. Accept it wargaming everyone with 3 braincells that do not blow up when opening this game say the same.
    MM: like you said you improved it but its all the way the same.
    Independence day: Nice little patch the camos look ok for those who like it great job to the art department.
    Covoy: lets see how 12v12 work out it should be okay if you know what you are doing
    Brawl in 1v1 is interesting ngl lets see how it goes
    Personal missions: very nice to have

    i guess that sums it up quite well

  11. Éléktelk Du 59

    Lol every video 3 randoms people put this comment
    At the end wg gonna do a 30sec video on 1rst april saying “how it works: map spawning : its random. Goodbye”

  12. KaiserWilhelmShatner

    Why does a BB always end up spawning right behind an island.

  13. Welcome to Wherever

    That was a kitakami that blew up in the convoy section

  14. Vermont line getting buffs: “I am a genius!”

    California still not getting buffs despite being released at a similar time and having similar characteristics as the chonk line: “OHHH NOOOOOOO!!!!”

  15. It is always nice to see Dasha.

  16. Convoy would be more fun with tier VI-VII

  17. GIVE THE COMMUNITY MORE OPERATIONS OF THE WEEK! Tier 8, 9 and 10. The game is stale at this point.

  18. Chiefstonergaming Inc

    So fell in love with this game!

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