Update 0.11.6: British Battleships | World of Warships

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The Industry Titans event, separation of exterior visuals and economic bonuses, French cruisers in the Tech Tree, Ranked Battles, Brawls, and a whole lot more!
00:00 — What’s new in Update 0.11.6
00:35 — Early Access to British battleships
02:10 — The Industry Titans event
03:05 — French cruisers in the Tech Tree
03:44 — Updated U.S. destroyer models: Sims, Sims B, Sampson, Wickes, Clemson, Nicholas, and Farragut.
04:20 — Separation of exterior visuals and economic bonuses
05:45 — 2 vs. 2 Brawls
06:05 — New season of Ranked Battles on Tier X
06:15 — Improvements to the Minimap and Tactical Map
06:40 — Improvements to the cargo ship in the Port
07:10 — Naval base and Division Star

🔊 Let’s dive into the details of these and other changes!

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  1. Brace yourself

    People will be asking, “what happens to all my permanent camos!?”

  2. Just to make it VERY clear you can get these battlecruisers for free captains so hold strong this event is disgustingly expensive if you pay for early access.

  3. Captain Deadpool

    Unhappy to see that they are still not addressing the MM issues at least its nice to see Dasha back, tier X ranked should be a fun escape from subs and super ships in randoms.

  4. looking forward to the new ships and economics! i wish ranked wasnt locked in a single tier, it just gets boring.

  5. I do like the choice of bonuses system rather than the old “this gives you a lot of credit, but only some xp, bu tthis give free xp but a lot of commander xp” mish-mash

  6. Good to see Dasha! Best shipyard was obviously Swan Hunter but can’t have everything :-)!

  7. Waverley Journalise

    Really happy with the mid-range battlecruiser concept you’ve gone with for the new British ships, in particular their historical designs!

  8. @6:42 probably the only thing I’m somewhat happy about, having to leave the barge and go back in to make sure it wasn’t a wargaming container your were about to open.

  9. it seems they went with scare away incoming fire rather than armor with these designs

  10. I was really hoping for the Puerto Rico dockyard event again

  11. so they managed to extract Dasha from St.Petersburg, probably using submarine…

  12. If you’re introducing guided torpedoes, can we get guided missiles? I want Cold War stuff! I especially want a Kirov, the Oprah of VLS surface ships.

  13. Give hood and repulse torpedoes, they had them irl and it will be a lot of fun to play with them.

  14. If the ships weren’t so expensive I would buy them all.This is the problem with this game.

  15. Just want to understand the dispersion. So everyone gets a 4% dispersion bonus when shooting a ship that used to have a 4% dispersion to enemy fire?

  16. Wow british BBs med to close range. So by the time you get to fire half your ship will be gone due to the longer range cruisers shooting HE

  17. Glad to see you Dasha! There was some discussion on how much we would see you from now on. Glad to see all the rumors were not true! I use the “Dasha Emblem” and also have you as a commander on one of my ships!

  18. Gotta love more brawlers. Especially when the game is already torp spam with 5 dds on either side every match and secondarys that take 20mins to kill one of them!

    In a game where brawling is complete shite unless all the dds are dead and where everyone else just snipes all game looks like these ships will suck ass.

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