Update 0.11.7: Puerto Rico Dockyard | World of Warships

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All about our new Dockyard, Battle Camera improvements, new Clan Battles season, Brawls, and a whole lot more in our traditional review of new features!

00:00 —Update 0.11.7
01:14 — Puerto Rico Dockyard
02:59 — Battle Camera Improvements
03:34 — Clan Battles
04:03 — Brawls
04:27 — Submarine Tweaks
05:28 — New port Rio de Janeiro!

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  1. High Caliber Replays

    WOWS has taken their cinematic shots to the next level holy ship

  2. First, THANKS for adding my city in game, I Love to see Rio in game, but that song is not Brazilian…. We have soo many songs from 1940’s to 1960s that could be used, specially Bossa Nova, so, even though the Cuban song you guys used is Very good, I’m a bit disappointed for not using a Bossa Nova or any other Brazilian song, specially when Bossa have it’s origins in Rio. Still, I’m happy to see Rio in game, hope to see more Brazilian ships in game eventually, Atlântico is Very fun and Jurua… Well, at least it’s ‘Brazilian’ too, hahahahaha.

  3. Johel de Souza Filho

    Rio de Janeiro with music from/for Havana (Cuba) is as good as presenting Moscow with music from Pink Floyd. Got it, WG?

  4. Nice to hear more original music in the intros! Would love to see it being available in full to stream on for example spotify or soundcloud.

  5. Looks like a great update! It is great to see Dasha still making these video’s 🙂
    The clan is very excited about this T8 clan battles season.
    would love to have a free cam in port to better check out the art dept work and details better.

  6. Art department smashing home runs, as usual 👌

    Also, loving the mixup of tiers for brawls. Finally something different than the usual high tier monotony.

  7. Art department carrying WG again.

    At least, I think they’re the guys who manage cinematics.

  8. Francisco Leppaus

    Que Sacanagem já basta os Gringos acharem que falamos espanhol mas agora a WOWs achar que somos Cubanos P… Wargaming Se superando sempre. AFF.

  9. The removal of submarine guaranteed detection and the changes to submarine hydro are a terrible idea, having tried it on PTS it just means subs really cannot fight against each other. Also for goodness sake this is a war game not fighting each other if you don’t feel like it rather defeats the point of playing a war game in the first place.

    • @VETERAN GAMER except I have played them and found the changes to be really stupid, no one who can read a mini map or engage their brain needs such an excessive crutch. Also it just makes hunting fellow subs really tedious and boring which for me is a great pity as I find it fun to do.

    • @Lovelacebeer
      I also play Submarines & I really hate when I use stealth (Which is the main weapon for Subs) & cuz of some annoying player like you ruin my whole game after 5 minute from the start. This throws the stealth strategy out from the window. Also I hope WG remove the glow which appears after pinging as it’s unfair for this fragile class.

    • @VETERAN GAMER the ping glow it’s actually a huge advantage as a sub, you send your torps make a turn and ping when your travelling on a new bearing, anyone who sees the ping drops in the wrong location and you get away undamaged and now the fool is left without any ASW if you follow up using a close range attack. Yeh I guess I probably would seem to be ruining your game if you like playing uncontested but that’s the same if your playing a shimakaze and a Daring comes hunting for you. Hence we come back to my opening point why play a war game if you don’t like it when people fight back? These sub changes are just stupid and make playing submarines boring, and I find it insulting WG think anyone would need such a crutch.

    • @Lovelacebeer
      I like playing war games but this ship class is so fragile. There’s a lot of work needs to be done for this ship class.

    • @VETERAN GAMER Agreed this class of vessel does need significant work in wows, compared to dedicated sub games it’s still very poor. Not sure I would call them fragile though once you get the hang of baiting out ASW it can be comical seeing just how much potential damage you can farm.

  10. I do like the new ideas on this update, look forward to playing more when it comes out and building the ship.

  11. Good to see Puerto Rico returning. as controversial as the ship is, it’s good to see WG give players another chance to get her. She is such a beautiful ship! Also, the camera changes are amazing! I can’t wait for that!

  12. Λмαтѕυĸαze Kαι Nι

    That cinematic at the beginning, that looks so dope.

  13. my extra like for inviting Dasha! 🙂 I am glad to see, you have not removed her due to some snactions. And I watched this video to the end! ))

  14. Here’s an idea for Subs, get rid of them altogether or give players the option to choose random battles without them. Stop dictating the product to your customers and make some damned effort to provide choice for your customers.

    • I think we have to accept that they are part of the game now and learn how to play with and against them. WG already put to many resources on submarines to just kick them out of the game. I dont like them either, but its time to face reality and deal with it.

    • @Vincent 27__04

      I think you’re right, however, there’s no reason they could not introduce choices for the players. If Submarines are as viable and popular as WG think, then a choice to play a random battle without them shouldn’t impact the game should it?

    • @HughJaxident67 It would just like a choice to exclude ANY class would. People would cherry pick the classes they don’t want to play against based on their ship choices. Destroyers become much easier to play if you remove cruisers, for example. People would then be put in different matchmaking pools and the game would die. Plus, you clearly don’t realize it, but adding a class that plays differently is literally ”providing a choice to their customers”. They are providing a new, different product to catter to a new clientele. And if it displeases you, then as a current customer, you can quit. If you don’t, they get you and a new customer base.

  15. as a DD player i would like to get the same options as sub players and be able to avoid battles with other DDs. you will never be able to balance subs, but you keep ramming them down our throats. they will either be totally OP, or absolutely worthless. put them into a special game mode and people may enjoy playing them there.

    • trickle down economics fail

      i want a ping for my battleship that turns my shots into guided missiles please

    • Or can my Moskva have some button to push that reduces my detection radius. It gets outspotted by almost everything in this game

  16. im not sure what prompted that intro, but i loved it! we need more of that, and more CGI trailers too

  17. Would be nice if we can choose to get the certificate for steel instead of getting Puerto. Regardless of whether we have her already or not.

    Also Dasha still best girl.

  18. Can you also add a consumable to my dd so I can choose not to fight enemy dd? Thanks wargaming, for another great submarine enhancing gameplay feature, coz we know people that play these have no hands.

  19. For anyone curious, the name of the song at the end while showcasing the port, is named “Guajira Urbana” by Juan Carlos Rodriguez and Iker Gastaminza. Y’all are welcome folks!

  20. As someone who got the Puerto Rico at first dockyard event, I feel somewhat triggered that there is another dockyard event for it.

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