Update 0.11.9: Submarines | Operation Wolfpack | Halloween celebrations | New host Julls

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Early access to U.S. and German submarines, Operations Wolfpack, Halloween celebrations, and much, much more!

00:00 Update 0.11.9.
00:55 German and U.S. Tier VI and VIII submarines in Early Access
01:55 Operation Wolfpack
02:37 Free resetting Commander skills and demounting upgrades
03:00 Adding Automatic ASW for Aircraft Carriers
03:42 Technical Updates
04:20 Halloween celebrations: Operations and Twilight Battle


— https://wo.ws/3i9QAAm
👁‍🗨 In The Ports of World of Warships — https://wo.ws/3q8uy5w

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  1. I miss Dasha…. :/ She is the face of the game you cannot not tell us what happened

  2. Every game I have been in with subs whether we win or lose has been sh!t, The enemy team also says the same thing so it’s not just me or my team saying it.
    Subs are still trash, Remove the homing BS and just make the torps hit harder than any other ship in the game.

  3. The like/dislike ratio should be an indication to WG that the player base is trying to tell them something.

  4. The operation for subs is the one and only good thing for this type. In random it’s still so useless and not balance.

  5. The reason i invested in this game was the promise of no submarines from beta this was a promise since submarines have been in the game i have played much less and who the hell is this woman never seen her before

  6. I love how the majority of comments are about Dasha and submarines being crap

  7. Im happy with the new girl,im ok with balance changes,im pretty much ok with everything apart from subs,i wonder why
    The god tier level thing they did is the operation for the subs,if you put them there forever,i think everyone would be happy

  8. I don’t think the subs belong in the game because the Dutch don’t have anti-subs, which is very sad when you can’t do anything about a sub then!!! And the subs just get on the nerves of the players! It is 100% unbalanced!
    Besides, where is Dasha? And by the way, why was Nikolai Kuznetsov made worse? I only got him because he’s so good, otherwise I would have bought a different captain!

  9. PeacefulPhysicist

    WG, could you please make also CV planes automatic. Its very labourous to fly them areound. It would be much nicer just to start the battle and see how the damage skyrocets while watching some YouTube or eating a pizza or whatever. Thank you!

  10. 0:22 “no reason to be disappointed” Go away. Dasha! Mayday!

  11. “We listen to the community”
    Introduces subs. Develops more and more subs.

    Notice anything about that?

  12. Like action CVs instead of RTS. Now it’s WoWP in WoWS

  13. The Phengophobic Gamer

    Glad to finally see the submarine operation I wanted to see. It’s just a shame subs still get shoved into PvP.

    Seriously, look at the dislikes on this video, no one wants them in PvP.

  14. Bikers and warships go well with each other. So when is the Waterworld battle mode coming out? So when do Deacon and the Kamakazees come out to play?

  15. Alan Ortiz Colombo

    Cvs auto SUB defence, brillant. What comes next, invisibility consumable?

  16. Fog Battleship Yamato

    great, now we just need dedicated ASW destroyers (with longer Hydro, more depth charges uses, etc) like how we have AA destroyers its easier to throw a ASW plane to hit that subs than trying to run above it

  17. @TheGamer4ever Nah. We want it.

  18. Playerbase: Subs are a terrible idea, do NOT add them to the game

    WG: We held a special referendum in which over 95% of the playerbase voted for subs.

    Why does this sound familliar?

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