Update 0.8.11. New Year Celebrations in World of Warships

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The New Year celebrations begin in World of Warships!
This year, we’ve prepared heaps of gifts and festive activities for you. You can construct a ship, gather elements of a new collection, score Snowflakes, emerge victorious from a Ranked Sprint, enjoy visual improvements, and experience many other features.

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!



  1. But where is Siegfried and Slava ? ?

  2. I swear if Lutjens is 175k coal like the Russian captain I will be furious!

  3. Thanks Dasha! Wish the new Commander Lutjens came with a campaign though (like Halsey, Yamamoto), would have added somethign to do for medium term and there would have been lots of oppourtunity to do it with all his adventures in the South Atlantic/Career

  4. 5:40 Siegfried LIVES

  5. Shitty Pony OC Recolor

    Crew on deck finally reintroduced? It’s been years! I never thought I’d see the feature again ever since it was shown off since 2016.

  6. I would love to have the USS Missouri to honor my Grandfather (who passed away this October) who served aboard her at the end of WWII.

  7. Ahh, you touch my secondary-tra-la-la

  8. New Italian premium CA: has German hydro

    Destroyer captains: **confused screaming**

  9. Nick Wilde Official

    Dang. WOWS is getting updated really quickly isn’t it?

  10. When will Dasha return as an obtainable ship captain?

  11. German BBs rise up bois!!
    We can finally hit what we aim!!

  12. Maybe have an a actual discount on premium time like we used to . We used to get half off on premium time for the holidays … now we barely get 10%… not a good deal compared

  13. So how about that, Smolensk Nerf..?

  14. I hear a lot of “chances” thanks to the excessive promotion of gambling via loot boxes. Do you?

    Pegi 7 my ass.

  15. There Is nothing I want as for ships. I really need but coal………

  16. Merry Christmas to all the team at World of Warships.

  17. This is the worst year by far to be opening up your wallet.

  18. Dasha: the present every captain wants to open! Merry Christmas, all!

  19. All German Battleships Accuracy has been imporved

    Hood: *Sweating*

  20. Earth Federation Space Force

    nice, so SS when?

  21. Reload buff on ITA CA’S plz. German buff is welcome but those cruisers need help as well

  22. Seriously the Royal Navy had the strongest Navy for the majority of the era your game covers and it is the ONLY nation without a legendary commander please implement one (also please don’t make it Beatty as he was a terrible commander and got a lot of people killed) – Admiral fisher would be a good one

  23. What is with this ridiculously impossible to complete mission directives? It basically tell us “piss of free to play players, puerto rico only for those who pays”

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