Update 12.10: Asymmetric Battles

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📖 🎁 Play for free on PC! 👉 https://wo.ws/3YaUKus

Asymmetric Battles, Voyage to the North Pole, a new season of Clan Battles, and a whole lot more!

0:00 – Intro
0:47 – Voyage to the North Pole
1:29 – Commander Skill Update
2:09 – Asymmetric Battles
3:11 – Ranked Battles and Brawls
3:28 – Clan Battles
3:47 – Black Friday
4:09 – EA to Japanese Battleships Continues
4:30 – Outro


Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website: https://wo.ws/website


  1. This game is not about the gameplay. It’s about sucking every last dollar from the player base

  2. Thank you for bringing back Asymmetric battles, it is my favorite game mode in a while. Next I would love to see more Operations, we have not had a new one in years.

  3. Yep, I am happy to have this update. Glad to have a date when it comes!

  4. Make a classic random battle where there are no submarines. This is completely overkill.

  5. Looking like a great update. Now knowing the final rewards in the battle pass is the missing piece.

  6. Unfortunate that there is only 1 week to freely retrain captains. That doesn’t leave much time to experiment with the new skills.

  7. Very much liked asymmetric battles, glad to see it return; hopefully for good…eventually.

  8. Kommissar Killemall

    Now all they have to do is to re-program botships to stop them from full on ramming eachother , especially DD’s. That’s still a kind of annoying in random battles.

  9. Thank you WOW for spicing things up…..i was getting bored….LOL….

  10. Pls make Asymmetric a permanent game play option. Also, what about making some new Operations for T9 & 10? Finally, can you add our Operations stats to our Profile? Thx!

  11. Thank you for Tina — but she doesn’t get to say much. Let her do the whole video next time!!

  12. Two Tina walk ins!! Woot!!

  13. More Tina! Looking forward to the free Commander reset. One week is kinda tight. Thanks for the Tina Walk ons. 🤤

  14. halloween event is sad compared to the old fun stuff

  15. It is profound BS that I was two puzzle pieces short for the latest event, because I had too much a life to grind out all 40 levels of the Battle Pass to get the extra chests I needed. Also, TWO duplicates for missing pieces? I have THIRTY DUPLICATES, but I have SEVENTEEN pieces left in the 60 piece puzzle. This is grade A bull.

  16. Make random operations for tier ix and tier x

  17. дуже цікава новина)

  18. But Tina only gave the intro and conclusion, 29 seconds of camera time in a 4 min. 51 sec. video. Now we just have to listen to the Handsome Dan DJ giving all the rest of the update details. I miss the old days when Dasha gave almost all of the update details (even though she was English dubbed). Now I like Tina, and I think she has done a good job, but you basically only use her for her walk-on’s anymore.

  19. Waldherz FeuerClan

    Asymetric battles is my favourite mode in this game!


    I’m excited for Asymmetric battles!

    For the players that don’t like the competitive gameplay that pvp offers. I highly recommend Operations, and Asymmetric battles.

    I’ll see y’all there
    Happy huntings Amigos !

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