Update 12.10: Teaser

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🎁 Play for free on PC! 👉 https://wo.ws/3YaUKus

You can take a look at what’s new right now! Check our teaser video to catch a glimpse of:
• The return of Asymmetric Battles
• Ongoing Early Access to new Japanese battleships
• Continuation of the Voyage to the North Pole



Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website: https://wo.ws/website


  1. So, nothing new? Thx Wg.

  2. Independence where

  3. At least lower the amount of coins needed for a japanese ship how you expect me to 5000 while i get nothing for completing one

    • 5000 is only easy for people with like 200 ships in port. The early access were only for players who played Warships for years.
      It happened before.

    • Yeah, you are expected to have lots of higher tiers and play them correctly, or spam 😬 As always

    • @V3ntilator not with the Spanish ones

    • either have lots of ships to earn them (like I did) or invest some money for more coins. it’s a f2p game and they obviously need to make money in some way. of course they want to make that with the shiny cool new thing. on the other hand they hand you an T8 Russian cruiser for free soon.

  4. Please give discounts on Japanese ships 😢

  5. no Japanese subs?

  6. night battles when

  7. Can we get another Tech line other than the germans that is good at secondaries? I love the playstyle and all the little projectiles so I wish I had more options. Even on cruisers

  8. That’s cool and all, I really like that. But the main reason I will enjoy this is the commander changes for cruisers. Napoli secondaries go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrt! 👀

  9. Super Schliefen and Super Manfred von Richthofen pls

  10. Alexander De Beuckelaer

    very nice stuff but in the commander rework what will change for bb’s beaceuse i am more of a bb main and don’t realy know if i’d need to change

  11. Is unfortunate that twilight hunt has not returned. Definetly the most fun ive ever had in wows

  12. Real Cool!!!

  13. WG Please add the Asymmetric Battles permanently into the game 🤞

  14. Is this for pc or console?

  15. Nawww we are gonna have like 2 German dds against like 5 British cruisers now

  16. Bring back T 10 ranked plz.

  17. Enough with the ships, give us some submarines to use already

  18. GIVE US THE UPDATE ALREADY!!! I want to play asymmetric battles again, easily one of the best game modes for PvE minded folks. Better yet, keep it as a regular feature as an alternative for those who hate how easy coop battles are.

  19. Εφραίμ Ανδρέας

    do you know when they will put European cruisers and more destroyers European???

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