Update 12.4: European Destroyers

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Brand-new ships in Early Access; the return of Convoy; repeated battle entry with the same ship; and much more!

00:00 Update 12.4: European Destroyers – teaser
01:06 The Return of Convoy
02:23 European Destroyers in Early Access
04:04 Pan-American cruisers to the Tech Tree in Update 12.4
05:00 Repeated Battle Entry With the Same Ship
06:09 Updated Notifications

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website: https://wo.ws/website


  1. I wish these game modes would be made perm and ability to choose them

    • Exactly! You need to select them on purpose. If Convoy or Airship are only randomly popping up in random battles, it will hurt the MM even more. Some Ships are simply not sutable for these modes but may be ok for random. This would led to even more unbalanced teams like now.

  2. I don’t think I’ve laughed harder than when you said you read the comments/community feedback

    • She only said, they gonna read it – not that they care about it. Maybe they laugh as hard as you are when reading all the complaints.

    • World of Warships Official Channel

      Hey Captains, we do read all the comments and we try to gather feedback from all Community platforms.

    • @World of Warships Official Channel warplanes functions like this with a time limit
      nice to kinda see

    • @World of Warships Official Channel so when are you actually gonna make AA work properly?

  3. At first, I thought the return of Convoy mode was the most exciting part of this update. But…removing the ‘in battle’ lock? That’s huge!

  4. ojalá se arregle la armería y el dockyard con la 12.4 😢😢😢

  5. The battle on addition is gonna be amazing! Thanks Wargaming!

  6. 1:06 I enjoyed playing the convoy battles, that was some fun, 2:24 I was playing the rental Friesland so will that be available in 12.4 and it a great destroyer to play with. 4:47 The consumable combat readiness in the highest tier of Pan Am ships I’m playing with is something new, although it doesn’t come with the HE shells, but more citadel hits on other cruisers is a must.

    • Gronigen is an exact copy of Friesland if you want the ship. Only difference is that it’s Dutch not Euro and thus not usable for specific Euro DD missions for example or Naval Battles. For now I guess…

  7. It looks funny that Tina always runs into the camera after every cut 😂

  8. 8 yıldır beklediğim özellik sonunda geldi aynı bir gemiyle kaybettiğimde aynı gemiyle tekrar savaşa girmek ve wargaming’in bu basit hatayı çözmesi tam 8 yıl sürdü 👏👏

  9. The repeated battle entry and the update of the notifications are welcome and will improve the game significantly.
    Next updates should include the possibility to be able to fullfill the daily missions / battle pass missions with ships below
    tier 5. Why do you still bring ships below tier 5, if they do not count for the “daily” mission? It is not hard to include
    player, loving these ships. Mentioning all the bugs and the hope they will be fixed is another “fine” thing.
    All the best!

  10. Excelente mecanica la de entrar en batalla con el mismo barco, sin importar que este destruido.

  11. Jonathan Amsberry

    Director and editor do an amazing job on these videos! I love the outtakes and mistakes you put in, and the use of blocking is great!

  12. Looking forward to convoy! These DD not so much lol

  13. Some interesting news. And Tina is so breathtaking. Is there a way to get an autogram card?

  14. need more camos!

  15. I like everything about this announcement…. Convoys, removing battle lock, awesome… and finally… finally… a new “beautiful” spokesmodel… wearing pants but plenty of hidden potential… I do hope they come out with a new WoW music video again…

  16. Out of curiosity, are you ever going to release the USS Alaska again? I really want one.

    • World of Warships Official Channel

      Right now you are able to get Alaska from some containers such as Supercontainers. But for any further information on future sale/distribution, please check out our portal.

    • @World of Warships Official Channel That’s why I was asking. All the info I can find on it from your website says the last time it was offered as a bundle you could buy was almost 3 years ago.

  17. Do something with that map bug…Alot of my friends can’t shoot all of the sudden due to bug forcing to map pinging since the new update patch before this one.

  18. it would be nice to have more torpedoes destroyers, wich faster torps and low detect like deep water ones, or reduce the damage of subs torps but in open sea with double ping on any ships torps to hit it no matter what.

  19. wow amazing Tina

  20. Did I read correctly that there will be discounts on certain tech line ships in the first week of June 2023? Can’t find the page anymore.

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