Update 12.5: coming soon / Gameplay teaser

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— https://wo.ws/3i9QAAm

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  1. Wow 🎉

  2. 1st to comment, I get a super container with camouflage 😂

  3. You want to know why the gameplay teaser is only 1 min? Because thats about the time the battles took nowadays💀

  4. So what would be the collab for 12.5? Would we have High School Fleet again or the yearly Azur Lane? If it’s HSF I hope you’ll have Wilhelmina added as Commander…

  5. finally the aI are getting improvement so i can do some quick matches

  6. please less unrealistic Skins.

    • “unrealistic” is WG’s whole ‘thing’ nowadays. Making the game as unrealistic as possible was their #1 priority since the CV rework.

    • I Like These skins and im Not alone. If u dont wanna See them: deactivate them 😉
      If u dont know how, Just ask google

    • @itachi Wiese you wanna drive a car, go play NFS.

    • @Gauris thats nothing to so with Cars. Lol

      Keep kalm and Just let Others have fun.

      Fun fact: deactivate skins in your harbour bottum right above the ship List. ITS Just a View clicks 😉
      Then u wont See them anymore.
      But Others can still enjoy them.

      Also we are talking about skins Here right? No Change of gameplay, Just visual. Dont get These emotions…

    • @itachi Wiese Meh, you want unrealistic skins, why play a historic based warships game? I honestly don’t care, I just don’t understand why you want to play a game of warships, but then go out of your way to make them not look like warships?

      I know how to deactivate crappy-camo, I don’t normally bother turn them off, I have some Arpeggio skins I quite like. As for emotions I may or may not be feeling, never mind. As I said, I don’t care either way, you do you.

  7. Will the mods be ready for 12.4 when 12.5 comes out?

  8. Thanks for releasing yet another Hybrid! This time a Mix between an aircraft carrier and a DD <3. Thanks for listening to the silent majority!

  9. Imagine a naval combat game that primarily focuses on artillery. Remember when WoWs was actually enjoyable?

  10. When are you going to sort out operations
    sick of doing the same 2 or 3 over and over again
    maybe a daily ops instead plenty of them

  11. 0:31 That wasn’t a ship. That’s a rolls royce

  12. tried the asymmetric battles on public test this weekend
    what a total blast haven’t had that much fun on wow in months

  13. Before 12.5: bots>players
    After 12.5 bots>>players

  14. Well at least subs were not mentioned. 🤣

  15. what is the next battle pass premium final reward?

  16. Ahmet Büyükçamsarı

    submarines and aircraft carriers ruined this game,, i played the damn game for 5 years. I’m leaving now!! 😇😇😇

  17. Wargaming, you could’ve made a boatload with Wee Vee ’44 and (buffed) California combo bundle for sale, but instead (since you’re not doing that), you randomly showcase Minnesota alongside Wee Vee ’44. Like that makes any sense.

    Of course, it STILL makes more sense than Halford’s airstrike gimmick, geezus. I have *never* seen such desperation to shove an airstrike gimmick onto a ship quite like this. The plane launches and meets up with planes in the air?! How convoluted of a gameplay design can you get?! 😂

  18. When acc back to normal?

  19. Does WG Devs see ‘REAL’ player comments and opinions? i think they not.
    Maybe they are using reaction ai bots…

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