Update 12.7: Teaser

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Watch a special video teaser to find out what’s new in the incoming World of Warships update!
Captains! Very little time remains before the launch of the next update.
You can take a look at what’s new right now! Check our teaser video to catch a glimpse of:
• Lüshun in the Dockyard
• The second stage of Concealed Maneuvers
• Updated graphics and sound
• And more changes


Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website: https://wo.ws/website


  1. Make a cinematic about Leyte Gulf. That’d be perfect.

  2. the shark watching the torpedoes go past 👁️👄👁️

  3. This update is about to be awsome!
    I suggest to add a feature that makes the torpedoes bounce back when hitting a wide angle.

  4. Me getting neuron activation when I saw Taiho and Essex

  5. What happened with Lüshuns original permanent camouflage? 😢

  6. Nice upgrade. If the sharks had wings, they would be perfect as torpedo planes.

  7. VincenzoPentangeli

    More co-op modes and maps please.

  8. Still waiting for Tosa, Akagi and Shinano.

    • Not so much on Shinano, because who really wants a CV with only 40 or so planes at tier 10?

      As for Tosa and Akagi, 100% agree. Tosa should have been and should be the tier 8 IJN BB (and the Amagi should be the tier 8 BC in any IJN BC line).

  9. Damn It Looked Almost Better On Screen Watching The Trailer Than How It Feels Playing!

  10. Press F to pay respect for Art Department’s hard carry again… those new effects look stunning.

  11. Stephen Kucharski

    Looks like pretty a pretty graphics upfate to an already beautiful game. Would like to request more Random Operations.

  12. Honestly, the concealed manoeuvres feel off, I would prefer if they filled out the odd tiers for the CVs making it a full line and giving the new consumables to them as a choice.
    The tactical squad feels unnecessary when cooldowns are sheared between squads of the same type so no over lap and balance would be far easier to have if the CV lines were full.
    It feels like a lot of extra effort for no real pay off or reason… not that WG will listen at all. Love the rest of it tho, well done art department.

    • I personally feel WG should just bring back traditional carrier controls before player-controlled planes.

      Then odd-tier carriers can definitely come back.

  13. the salvos passing through will be a nice touch to the game, no more over-pen and not feeling like you still aren’t messing up the enemy.
    Now we’ll visually see how rounds pass through.

    I think this will lead to better gameplay too for those of us that are very detailed orientated

  14. A single active sonar ping at 235 decibel would instantly liquify any and all animal in the water on the entire map.

  15. The overpen at the end aaahhh beautiful

  16. Imagine using Indianapolis on battle, get sunk then suddenly around your wreck shark crowding your remnants, that’s pretty daro😂

  17. Alexander De Beuckelaer

    yes finaly u can use subs in the game mode, very nice adjustments to the game

  18. I’m glad to see subs in the mode as well. I can’t wait to play it!

  19. Ah yes, Taiho, my favorite aircraft carrier. I wonder when we shall get Tosa…

  20. I’m hyped by Taihou and Essex arrival 👀

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