Update 13.1: Lunar New Year

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🎁 Play for free on PC! 👉 https://wo.ws/3YaUKus
Changes to submarines and ASW, Lunar New Year celebrations, exterior system update, collaboration with famous YouTubers, the return of Airship Escort, and more!


Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website: https://wo.ws/website


  1. @WorldofWarshipsOfficialChannel

    🎁 Play for free on PC! 👉 https://wo.ws/3YaUKus
    Changes to submarines and ASW, Lunar New Year celebrations, exterior system update, collaboration with famous YouTubers, the return of Airship Escort, and more!


  2. @fredericoeusebio9770

    when are u going to allow tier 9,10 and supers ships on operations?

  3. Why are we doing a colab with creators that don’t even make content on WoW? I don’t even watch any of these channels. I would much rather see colabs with creators that actually make content for the game like The Mighty Jingles, Sea Lord Mountaban, & Trenlass.

  4. IMPROVED the turning radius? Like it wasn’t absurdly low already…

    • Yeah that buff is a bit much.

      But at least you can thank wargaming for buffing cruisers that lacked ASW planes. They were EASY prey. Now they can be a threat. With 3 cruisers now being counters to submarines.

      As much as it will piss off submarine lovers. It was honestly needed.

      Now the only submarine nerf it needs is…Losing the ability to shotgun. Just make the submarines only able to fire one torpedo each 2.5 to 3 seconds at a time.

      It would force submarines to torture their enemies. And not get quick kills.

      Or make shotgunning an secondary option with their idea of having torpedos start off pathetically weak in damage. And slower by a lot. Only get stronger and faster once the 3km torpedo movement is met.

    • @@dominquedoty458 giving those ships submarine surveillance is basically gonna eliminate shotgunning unless the sub has spent waaaay too much time sneaking up on you and not attacking anyone else during that whole time. though that means most people are gonna have to pick up the venezia, zao, or yodo. sub surv plus hydro, or radar means there’s nowhere for the sub to hide. he’ll have to stay long range unless he wants to get bombarded by everybody’s new ranged depth charges.

  5. what they don’t say is you wont be able to sell the shitty camos any more for extra creds.

    • @subodhsrinivasamurthy6866

      Wait what!! I thought we will get a permanent version of the shitty camos when we get them through upcoming events in the future. Well in that case I am just going to sell them, they’re useless

    • @Go_Spleef_Yourself

      Ay yo wait hold up elaborate this, we’re supposed to get swapped perma camos for them, what’s the exchange rate

    • They’ll be changing all the camos so you cannot sell them. They’ll be adding duplicate versions of all the camos that will versions perm camo. So the expendable camos will not be sellable, neither will the perms.

    • @Go_Spleef_Yourself

      @@obaniehia yea but if I have 200 copies of a particular camo, how many permanent camos do I get. I’m also assuming being unable to sell camos went untold by WG huh, can’t seem to find it in the patch notes

    • @@Go_Spleef_Yourself none, they said the perm camos will be in combat missions and things of that grindy nature. Least that is what was said in the dev blog

  6. With permanent camos if i dont see everyone rock yellow submarines i will be sad.

  7. 1. I miss Tina but nothing that good lasts forever. 2. 3 Combat Missions means someone isn’t paying attention. Please fix. 3. Enjoy the new year!

  8. War Gaming: “We’ve included the most known streamers in World of Warships!”
    Me: “Never heard of them… I know Flamu, Flambass, StatsBloke, Trenlass, Painezor, ChaosMachineGR, Lord Mountbatten, Lord Zath, Carlito, the streamer guys, that French girl and those Germans…“

  9. @muhammadhuzaifaazam

    Why isn’t there no Sea Lord Mountbatten, Potato Quality and those people actually watch

  10. Will Piemonte (as a part of “Venezia branch” (c)) receive a new sub surveillance consumable ?

  11. Actually good news. First time since 5+ years. Little steps but the sub-radar is nice. Although making them hydro spottable would be much more effective. Wanna see more of that especially a CV nerf/rework.

  12. All that’s fine and good, but we need Tier 9 and 10 ships in Operations now, like they have on the RU and Asian servers.

  13. I can’t imagine hearing Charlie’s voice when there’s a fire onboard or when i got hit in the citadel, etc etc.

  14. WG, forgot of the streamers Sea Lord and Potato Quality. 👀

  15. cant wait for most critical to say something like Woooo yeah baby thats we been waiting for! after a sub suddenly gets spotted.

  16. Only thing I’m waiting for is T9-10 Operations since it’s kinda getting boring with just T8 Ships and bring back Asym Battles as a permanent mode

  17. Asymmetric Battles needs to be the new Co-op battle.

  18. Wait.. that’s not Tina.. ☹️ Also, New Jersey is going to drydock soon so ya’ll could have made Ryan Szimanski a Commader.

  19. When are you going to introduce 4k ship models or 4k maps? I’m waiting for it

  20. The changes in Hindenburg and Venezia were announced in World of Warships update 13.1. Why don’t I see any changes in anti-submarine weaponry

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