Update 13.2: Piñata Hunt

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🎁 Play for free on PC! 👉 https://wo.ws/3YaUKus
Early Access to Commonwealth cruisers, Piñata Hunt, submarine updates, interface improvements, and more!

0:00 Intro
0:26 Commonwealth Cruisers
1:16 Commonwealth Team Event Pass
2:39 Piñata Hunt
3:58 Changes to Submarine Gameplay
4:56 U.S. Aircraft Carriers leaving Early Access


Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website: https://wo.ws/website


  1. @WorldofWarshipsOfficialChannel

    🎁 Play for free on PC! 👉 https://wo.ws/3YaUKus
    Early Access to Commonwealth cruisers, Piñata Hunt, submarine updates, interface improvements, and more!

  2. I am looking for asymmetric battle.

  3. I liked the Asymmetrical battles, is it possible to have them permanently in the game?

    • I completely agree with having Asymmetric battle added permanently to the game

    • @WorldofWarshipsOfficialChannel

      They will return to the game in Update 13.3 as a temporary battle type once again. But make sure to write your feedback in the survey on this topic once that update starts!

    • Yes! Assym battles are fun and relaxing!

      Sometimes you need to cool down from the torture that randoms can be…

    • @@WorldofWarshipsOfficialChannelwhy temporary? they are popular and offer “we who prefer to play against bots” an interesting game-mode

    • @WorldofWarshipsOfficialChannel

      Like I said above, make sure that you fill out the survey after the next iteration and leave your detailed feedback there. We are not taking that out of options for the future either.

  4. The addition of Commonwealth cruisers is very welcome, but after the PTS I found piñata mode rather boring. I also seriously doubt the submarine changes will make much of a difference, the panicking that they will make them too hard to play is just unwarranted.

  5. Are you planning to add some team help one day ? Like, if we’re passing by a ship that’s on fire who already used his repair party, could we use ours, or a little bit of our heal, or maybe another mechanic to extinguish the fire ? That could be a very cool feature imo and would improve some teamplay.

  6. I think I will like the new explosions

  7. The sonar ping direction of travel is a much-needed addition. When the subs were first introduced, I thought that was the game logic and it took me a while to realise that the sub could be travelling anywhere

  8. @jamesharrington001

    How about, you make it so that hydro picks up subs regardless of depth like it does all other ships? Or better yet, make them visible when they ping, like all other ships when firing their guns outside of the surface detect? And what about giving subs assured detection at 2km, like all other ships in the game? Honestly though, I’d settle for the surface ping marker being where the dang sub is, rather than the +/-2km it is now.

    • @WorldofWarshipsOfficialChannel

      Hi Captain, please check out this cool video by our CC OverLordBou, where he showcases what changes we introduced to submarines and also addressed the ping marker to be more precise and also show the direction the submarine is traveling.

  9. @rizkisoekartono454

    Come on give us operation update for higher tier already

  10. @Jedi_Master_Obi-Wan_Kenobi66

    I would love to see HMAS Sydney come to the game eventually! A ship with a rich history and a very unfortunate end.

  11. All of these changes sound great ❤ As an Aussie I’m keen to see new commonwealth additions

  12. I have a navy family here in Australia, so many members of my family have gone through training at HMAS Cerberus. I am pumped for Commonwealth cruisers, and the Cerberus camo looks amazing.

    • @WorldofWarshipsOfficialChannel

      That’s amazing, we hope you will think we did this amazing ship justice once you get your hands on her!

  13. Do the commonwealth commanders have any boost skills or are they just vanilla commanders? Can’t see anywhere.

  14. Just wondering when akagi is going to be joining into the game, such a famous ship to be not added.

  15. @kingofcastlechaos

    Slow down on the constant ship output and spend some time making new campaigns and operations. It would also help if you made WolfPack Operation easier to enjoy, then people would play subs against bots and not make randoms players lose their minds.

  16. Can you add dynamic weather like actual rain during thunderstorms or maybe maps that have rain throughout the match.

  17. YAY I always want to try the new tech treeeeeee and new consumbles, good job

  18. As a Kiwi it is very nice to see the Commonwealth Cruiser line, I am looking forward to the release

  19. I find it funny that I just recently got the Perth and now we are getting a tech line for the commonwealth cruisers

  20. So… what can subs do when spotted at close range by a dd?

    Or are subs relegated to long range spamming like bbs

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