UPDATE! A Surprise ship Returns in World of Warships Legends 4K

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Patch notes day is upon us, and the new 100 tier campaign is going to be Musashi at Tier 8. The Legendary tiers Midway and Hakaryu will be the new top tier carriers and available in the bureau. The new German battle cruiser tech tree line will be in early access: Dafflinger, Mackensen, P Heinrich, and Zieten can be acquired from crates. In addition, The Agincourt, the tier 3 British Battleship, and the Plymouth, a Tier 7 British light cruiser and 2 more surprise ships are going to make a return. Check out this breakdown of the rest of the update!

Patch notes:



New to the game? Use the code below for a jumpstart and a free Tier 2 premium ship:


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  1. Things looking pretty good! I love German BBs. Too bad they don’t even give us a breather from 18.1 inch guns. Only one older ship will be missing. And I will try to get one or two of the retuning commanders.

  2. Cannot wait going to start saving for the carrier midway seeing it in the pc version of the game has made me want it so badly. Then again I would say we are getting maybe too many American carriers but then again people probably play the American carriers more. 

    Love the video keep it up!

  3. I’ve got a sinking feeling Musashis will sit at home base bow on like many Yamatos.

    • Yamato has been a rollercoaster, she swings from Queen of the battleships to a joke, among the worse at her tier, all to do with her guns. For a while long Yamai was bottom of the barrel with terribly troll dispersion at any range but I think they gave her a little of her old guns back as I’m starting to see the ship perform a bit more like the most powerful battleship that ever actually existed.
      I question Musashi the same way I questioned the Maine – both just seem like inferior versions of Legendary ships. If you have Yamato and Montana why not just play them instead?

    • Unfortunately =/ yeah I think you’re right

  4. Beware man hope WG won’t strike you since you’re a little bit fast on these 👀

    Op ships returning and no JB ? I don’t want a nerf i want it at freaking t8

  5. Thanks for the great info 👍 see you at the bottom 😉

  6. Yes, the Mainz is coming back 😀 Hopefully it isn’t nerved into the ground 🙂

    • I’ll be curious, Wichitas “nerf” isn’t that bad tbh

    • @Derka Games personally I don’t know how I feel about them changing it to be more ap based. To me it just seems like it’s a premium version of Balti now instead of being a sidegrade that focuses on HE over AP

  7. Great. More carriers. Just what everyone was asking for. 🙄
    Legendary tier is kinda the tier I play to get away from carriers….
    I’ve grown accustomed to being disappointed to indifferent with updates. How long has the snap aim bug and shells randomly falling way short been a thing? Excessive overpens/ridiculous damage reduction, excessive dd concealment, op cruiser dpm and/or fire damage, broken bb will to rebuild, cv’s screwing up the game for everyone, lack of a training room, lack of any form of tutorial to teach new/bad players how the ships work ….but fixing any of that dosn’t make WG quick money the way new campaign ships or more stuff in the store does.
    I seriously think the store, figuring out new ways and things to monetize, is the main focus at WG with the actual game being this slightly annoying addon they have to mess around with once in a while.

    • About the tutorial, I actually started a new account to aid in a new video series. There IS a rather simple tutorial now for new players, explaining basic mechanics on screen, in game menus, etc. I was very happy to see it. It’s very well put togther and quite informative

    • @Derka Games
      Better than nothing I suppose. 👍

  8. Agincourt has has 14 guns

  9. Hey Derka, Happy for more content. Not sure Musashi was the best choice, love the new skins from Transformers, kinda meh about mobile, but it is something I will use (laundromat). Interesting about the Wichita and what they are doing to those ships. Thanks for the update, Chazpher

    • Yeeaahh I’m curious how they will handle Mainz and Sommers…I want them to be nerfed enough that CE owners don’t feel the need to buy them again

    • @Derka Games I know, right? I think the Wichita nerf is increasing AP damage? Is that possible? I’m not looking at the notes, just remember seeing it on TBull’s channel when he did his review.

    • @Don Brooker yes! There are parts that were actually buffed lol. Now don’t get me wrong, overall it’s a nerf. The cuts to ap pen angles and accuracy are large

    • @Derka Games True, true. Glad I got into the game when I did. Got them all. I think it’s a better way of handling op ships than to up tier, although if there are too many of the offending ship, maybe they felt they had no choice (Weimar). Thanks Derka

  10. Splatoonist Productions

    Man, brits need more love, only 2 new ships? And not even ones that can be gotten in tech tree? was somewhat hoping for a peek into tier 8 British ships, oh well

    • I’m excited for Neptune, Daring, and some other RN tech ships as well!

    • Splatoonist Productions

      @Derka Games that’s true, hopefully soon they add the British bc’s to the game, as a desperate line, that’d make things more interacting and add more options, like the us like which is kinda like 7 different versions of the same thing

  11. Very interested in the German BattleCruisers….especially that Tier 9 Prinz Eugen sounding ship..curious to see how it applies to our game…great coverage sir thank you.

  12. More British ships? Hell yeah I love me some British ships. Belfast’43 getting a buff? Hell yeah even better. Mainz And Sommers becoming CE? Hell yeah. Awesome video can’t wait for this update. Have a good one Derka!

  13. Just watching this replay makes me realize how bad they nerfed Yamas grouping

  14. i love it when english speaking people pronounce german words❤️😅

  15. Thanks Derka.
    As someone who’s only recently started playing Legends, lost by most of this. Finding it pretty difficult to find good guidance from “the vets” for we noobs.

    • Never sail full broadside unless your not spotted. Always check your Mini map, use your Damage Control party’s, Repair partys, Sonars, Radars, and Smokes carefully. Hit your Damage control if you have two or more fires or are taking on water, do not use it if your guns are incapacitated. They take about 30-15 seconds to come online automatically.
      I say run Unstoppable on all of your Destroyer since you lose Engines and Rudders a lot, it can save you having your Damage control at ready in destroyers.

      These are some Damage control tips, also don’t grind the Russian Battleships they have limited Damage control Charges.

    • I’m working on a “beginner” series of videos that will hopefully help Burnsy

    • Many of the CCs have excellent videos on how to play, search YT for them. Usually “WOWSL (add ship name) “ for ship specific info as well as “WOWSL Destroyer” does it for how to play. Some have whole series on gameplay. Some CC are Derka of course, Spartan elite 43, Hipper, Tommyboy, Tbull.

    • @Derka Games BEST…NEWS….EVER

    • @ytpete509 Thanks, and yes I’ve checked most of them out. Problem I find is most the “beginner” guides were made when the game was very different, as far back as there not even being carriers.

  16. Im most excited for the new german line secondarys good guns and torps its my dream ship line😍

  17. Oliver heusinger von waldegge

    Nice Work Derka . Thanks

  18. Sorry for another question but how long do you think it’ll take for us to research the Midway

    • Should be the same as any bureau project. Something like 1 month full tilt. A couple months if you do ship boosts only and longer if you just let it run and simply log in once a day

  19. It’s hard for me to understand the logic of the “CE” concept regarding the Wichita. I suppose Jean Bart will get a similar designation when they inevitably release eventually.

    I think it’s kinda soon to bring Musashi in at Tier 8. I suspect the community might’ve appreciated a break from dealing with the infamous 460’s at Tier 7 for a while. We already have a Japanese Tier 8 ship in Izumo.

    An Italian or British Tier 8 battleship would’ve been preferred by me, but to be honest I’ve zero intention of skipping the Musashi campaign for historical reasons.

    I just wonder if the fun factor will be there when a CV is focusing on it relentlessly. I can see the Musashi being frustrating to play if it’s in a CV match but that’s just me.

    The ship I’m pleased about, regarding buffs, is the Pyotr Bagration. I’ve always liked playing it but it needed something. That consumable should make the ship better in more situations.

    • You have a good point about Musashi coming to a tier where we already have Izumo. I’m very very curious to play a high tier Italian BB!

      I’d bet you’re right, JB will be given a similar treatment. Lenin as well? Unsure about that one

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