UPDATE DAY | World of Warships Legends April update

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Update day has finally arrived with a whole load of new content, watch me try out all the new ships for the first time.

0:00 Intro
0:34 Des Moines
1:02 Des Moines Stock Stats
1:17 First game in Des Moines
2:58 Saipan
3:08 Saipan Stock Stats
3:10 First Game in Saipan
5:00 Flandre
6:15 Extras
6:43 Outro


  1. So how are we feeling about this update? Not a crazy amount to do but ranked should be good fun

    Also what do you guys think about this kind of video? I feel like with a bit more polish this kind of video is the way to go

  2. I’m so happy to see Flandre, the french secondary BB with no secondary range on Console

    • For someone who started the day after Jean Bart, Flandre looks cool

    • @sirdiealot53 big F for you, but its not a bad ship in any means, it just lacks a purpose, as Richelieu will do its job better

    • @A proud Baguette why? Stronk turrets?

    • @sirdiealot53 because Flandre is now reduced as flanker, while on PC it can serve as brawler in addition, and Flandre got the same guns but 2 less at the front, in most situation Richelieu will be better as it got more firepower most of the time

  3. I am so excited for Des moines

  4. Giorgios Anastasiadis

    Well, pgrapidz just fixed my day

    If you are able to make every day video ,I will be thankful

  5. I got in the video it’s a shame that I was using implacable as I wasn’t expecting to battle you pgrapidz it’s good to have battled you tho

  6. Any idea what the best concealment is on DM? I run a full Beapley stealth build on Balti and Wichi, and I would love for it to work on DM.

    • My Beapley is no where near max level but you should be able to get the conceal below 10km for that sweet stealth radar

    • @pgrapidz I look forward to it. Dropped my other projects to get DM for that sweet DD abuse that stealth radar can do

  7. Hey good to see you had a similar solo experience GGs my dude miss ya

  8. That’s the second video of yours I’ve ever watched and it was quite entertaining xD
    Keep it up!

  9. No Touhou memes for Flandre? My disappointment is immeasurable & my day is ruined.

    Jk. Still laughed more then I should’ve at Baldy.

  10. Always been waiting for Flandre.

    Now we wait for Graf Zeppelin

  11. Rest here shokaku user, we’ll continue searching for the light that will bless our weaken carrier

  12. Happy to see the Desmo is doing well in legends as it is in the pc game

  13. Croatian_gamer [SGE007]

    This is a nice way to do videos! Keep it up ;-D

  14. Flandre is probably the closest i’ll get a belgian ship. Flandre is the french translastion of the northern region of Belgium. Most likely gonna wait out when it’s available for free xp (still got 1,4mil free xp left)

  15. Dm-very happy to finally have something that’s not a supercruiser or light

    Saipan-legends has not treated her well giving only Lexington planes while on pc has midways

    Flanders- bout as dangerous as Ned Flanders drinking some egg nog, overshadowed by even the gasgone IMO

    only doin orders for the extras

  16. i wanted to see greg the garlic farmer

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