UPDATE! FREE Italian Battleship Commander, Republique, and Graf Zeppelin! World of Warships Legends

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Patch notes day is upon us, and the new 100 tier campaign is going to be Republique at Tier 8. A free Italian Battleship commander will join the ranked for 900,000 commander XP. The 12 new tech tree ships will be here: the American, Allen M Sumner, Buffalo, and Maine. The IJN Ibuki, Yugumo, and Izumo. The Soviet Sovetsky Soyuz, Dmitri Donsky, and Delny, and Finally the German Z-46, Roon, and Friedrich Der Grosse. Finally the Colbert will also arrive as will the premium German Carrier Graf Zeppelin.

Patch notes: https://wowsl.co/3OENmUE



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  1. Kinda excited about the Shokaku buff not holding my breath though her bomber accuracy is abysmal haha

  2. Happy for Republique , kinda meh for Colbert , I am at 29k steel (was hoping for another ship to be added , something fair and balanced like Ochakov lol )

    I don’t know if I should spend the 3k steel or not .

    • I guess depends how much you like Legendary. I’ll be at T8 a lot grinding and testing so gonna save my steel

  3. Hopefully not a disappointment like Champagne

  4. *sad gascogne noises*

  5. Yeeeaaah why wasnt republique made a Legendary BB? Im afraid she will show up knee capped at our T8. Low health, slow reload, etc.

  6. Thanks doge!

  7. magicGfinger Grant

    Looking forward to trying my 16s reload Jean Bart build on republique.

  8. @Saltyisdumb me too. I wonder about the Maine also

  9. @Derka Games I was thinking the same! as It would had been a great addition to the French Legendary fleet.

  10. A proud Baguette

    @Derka Games or unchanged and completly broken…

  11. Great for credits now at T7

  12. Flandre, Gascogne, and Champagne disagree lol

  13. A proud Baguette

    @Derka Games lol they aren’t strong ships on PC to begin with, though PC meta do suit Champagne with very long range battle, and Flandre’s got its secondaries firing at 12km too

    Gascogne is just unsavable though

  14. @Made In Doge right on man. Maybe I’ll see you in my FDG. We are 1-1 so far lol

  15. Small note: the Italian commander, Iron Resolve perk only works when both repair and damage control are active at the same time. Cause 15% is huge. But it has a caveat.

  16. Well, i am happy in general about this update,mostly because of the amount of content, including some Easter eggs and the return of previous event content, as well as a lot of freebies.
    On the sad part, not sure why they didn’t allow Weimar to get the 4th module and there are no other gamemodes again.
    Keep up the good work and enjoy the new port. I am sure that will be very usefull for a lot of ship images.

    • @Derka Games she will of course. Its more about them making an exception because of 0.5 seconds on her reload… That just makes no sense at all.

  17. Considering the large price a t3 ship went for in the auction only to sit in peoples ports, this new destroyer will be disgustingly expensive in auction lol

  18. Lol yeah overcooked from the get go

  19. What happens to the mods you have equipped to your Weimar if you request a refund? Do you have to spend doubloons to un-equip it?

  20. Excited for the new updates but I still want to purchase the Jean Bart, I entered the game late when the ship was up for grabs.

  21. Haha love it

  22. Will be saving for venezia next update hopefully. 8 inch sap needs a bit of a buff to, its pretty crap at the moment apart from blipping DD’S.
    Also Implacable needs more than a Hanger buff. Faster torps or more accurate bombs.

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