Update Notes World of Warships Legends

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Checking out the upcoming update for World of Warships Legends (WoWsL) available on PlayStation and Xbox. Loyang, Friesland, Riga, etc.



  1. Congrats on 20K subs T! Well deserved for all the hard work you’ve been putting! Hard work always always pays off even if it takes a while. No effort is ever a waste.

  2. No idea how this update will affect me I’ll just get in the ship and start trying to kill the enemy as usual.
    Since watching your videos and streams iv realised how important control of the centre and caps are. Thanks 👍

  3. As someone that likes moving up and supporting their team as a carrier the detectably Nerf kind of sucks it makes me have to play like all the other brain dead people that sit in the back and don’t help at all.

    • Exactly. I understand how it can be frustrating, but carriers are so easy to track just by following the planes. The detectability nerf is bad

    • @Galax Space it’s not bad. 99% of carrier players just hit reverse til the end of the game. So when everyone is dead except for him it can take forever to actually track him down and kill him to end the match.

    • @Ivan Edwards most matches in high tiers end on time, and when a ship is alive, it still puts up a fight

    • I think that was bad. They need to increase the secondary abilities so they can actually defend them selves
      That and rocket planes. It’s so hard to even get dmg.

    • Will need to switch to a secondary battery upgrade for both slots. For those DDs that like to hunt CV’s instead of capturing the caps. That’s a good nerf on the planes after CV is sunk.

  4. Subscribed recently! Loving your videos of tips and tricks, do you know if the Halloween commanders are coming back like Space Fish?

  5. Thanks for getting the patch notes out so fast tbull appreciate it very much thank you👍

  6. Can’t wait for the Halloween events. The Transylvania Rasputin event last time was brilliant.

  7. Hah Genova, for a minute I thought of Jenova, and “Do I have to kick Sephiroth’s ass again,” actually that would be funny, a Jenova ship with Sephiroth at the helm lol

  8. Congrats on the 20k subscribers TBull. I’ve been one of your followers since pretty much the beginning of your world warships career. I have gained much knowledge and enjoyment from your videos. Thanks from Sir Nodrick over in the UK.

  9. With dings reload perk being universal I’m already imagining some very interesting double reload builds being tested across all classes

  10. Bad: nothing for the bureau, Not specific DD commander for Pan-Asian, Swirsky being default for a Dutch ship, no new GXP ship (yeah, I wasn’t exactly expecting one, but it’s ALWAYS a disappointment when there isn’t one).

    Good: New sounds will hopefully be good, maybe Halloween isn’t a terrible, boring grind-fest like last year? Having a choice at the end of the campaign is interesting.

  11. Would’ve been nice to get a new bureau project though especially since we know Montana is in the game

  12. Hey tbull.
    Many congratulations with the 20k subs.
    I have followed the channel since 19,and this is sooo deserved.
    Here’s to the next 20k subs.
    Toasting with gin/tonic.
    Looking forward to the next stream

  13. Disappointing that WG caved to the wimps who have been complaining about the shards spawns being too close. What’s next, do they want faster reverse speeds for their Yammies?

  14. Congratulations on 20K subs @Tbull. I’ve been with you since the beginning and it’s your fault I am addicted to this game, lol! 👍

  15. Congratulations on 20k subscribers, TBull! You deserve it! Looking forward to 30k!

  16. I am not impressed with Swirsky losing TnT , considering he was hidden behind a paywall and cost money.

  17. Annoyed they didn’t buff the Vanguard!
    gg on the 20k

  18. Finally, an inexpensive way to get double concealment for my DD’s

  19. Firstly, congrats on 20k subs mate. Been a longtime coming.
    All I personally want from the next update is a new Bureau project – preferably the Montana, although I’ll take whatever comes out. I like the Bureau projects myself and feel like there’s something missing when you’ve done all of them

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