UPDATE REVEALED | Dec 2019 Patchnotes | World of Warships Legends

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December 2019 update patchnotes for World of Warships WoWs Legends Console, including Yamato, Jean Bart Campaign, G-101 and Ashashio.


  1. There was also something mentioned about BB’s having more hp in their superstructures.
    Is this so they take more damage while bow tanking?

  2. Welcome to how WG balances it’s games.

    Wasn’t a good way in Tanks, still isn’t a good way in Ships.

  3. the balancing is really strange , I unlocked Charles Martel after I played all T7 cruisers for few months so I know how to use cruiser and not buffing Charles Martel like other cruisers is like you giving good players the middle finger.

    • Id say its the hardest T7 to play, but its also capable of doing the most damage. But it being the hardest means that any scrubs that get it will play it 4 times and then move on with their lives, so its stats will probably always be skewed

    • This is very much like what happened on Tanks in Update 4.6, I think? Every tank got “balanced”, 85% nerfed, and some that are hard to play (cough…Chinese mediums, cough), didn’t get the buffs they needed, because only good players play them, thus skewing the stats. So only good players play them, and you never see them anymore. Well, that, and each new crop of premiums is more powerful than the last crop, (in order to incentivize purchases), making the aforementioned “needs buffed, please” tanks are even further behind…I’m looking at you, Obj 430U…

    • You are right. CM is definitely the hardest cruiser and I still struggle with it. There are no bad CM players. I have not seen one and the chances are high that I won’t ever see one. Giving heal to other cruisers was good IMO because the tier 7 dd’s can really wreck even the best cruiser players. Heal helps me hunting those dd’s. And Bb’s can still delete cruisers like they should.

  4. I love the Iowa nerf but it should have been heavier

  5. And my good old bismarck still hasn’t gotten any love:(

  6. The long wait for a new RN ship continues.

    Pumped for the update regardless

  7. Thanks for the head’s up. Makes me wonder how my Amagi game play will be affected.

  8. Interesting that they have chosen to nerf the Amagi oner the Iowa. I do not think anyone would honestly say that should be the case. It is clear that the Iowa is currently the best tier vii BB. If you put a similarly skilled bot in each I would guess that the Iowa would win a one on one engagement 90% of the time.
    It saddens me that the developers do not appear to be conducting detailed analyse who is playing each vessel ( skill level, average tier played, w/r, etc, ) before hitting things with the proverbial nerf hammer.

  9. because i'm batman 5702

    Iowa: gets nerfed
    Me: look what they did to my boy
    But yeah, the Iowa, the Fletcher and now the Jean Bart are (on PC) tier 9 ships in game. All of the rest of our tier 7s are tier 8 on pc. I know that they’re balanced, but still.

  10. Them: “Lets balance the game”
    Me: rocking back and forth in the dark “it will be ok, it will be ok”

    Had to mess with the akatsuki, Damn.

  11. The way WG balanced WOT was one reason I quit playing it. Now it seems they are using the same flawed system for Legends.

  12. Know it’s out of context, but are you aware of any reason I can’t see the Atlanta B and the Gremy at the Ships menu?
    ( had a crazy day , a Kraken with a 7000 hp Nurnberg, finished the campaign, and the crate had the Atlanta!!)
    If I don’t make it at the stream , Merry Christmas!

    • Most premiums don’t currently show up on the ships page, you just have to find them in the ship roster in the main game screen. A lot easier to find them after the port filter was added

  13. Giving the fact that 80% of players have no clue about angling or strategy of any type. I believe they are going to undate ships based on those 80%. Those of us who are grinding our way to Tier 7 Battleships will basically be handicaped as soon as we get them. I study this game and watch the way Tbull mostly and Spartan play their ships. I just wish others would do the same. Great Content Tbull. See Ya Saturday.

    • Yeah they will likely balance them based on the average player, which you can definitely make an argument for being the best way to do that. They haven’t crossed the line yet, but it’s likely they will make the cruisers a lot more durable based on the player results, which will lead to good cruiser players terrorizing everyone else

    • Just done with Colorado and now need 10mil for IOWA. After this video I’m thinking if it’s even worth playing this game anymore, given the fact without premium or putting money on, you don’t get shit. Was playing for Iowa, since I’ve seen spartan and tbulls videos in that beautiful sexy ship. But oh well, one more manufacture in this case developers screwing up people who don’t put money in.

    • @Talha Ali I ve bought 8/13 tier 7s without having a premium ship and without spending a single dollar on premium time. It is possible.

    • JohnnyMaczeta yes, I totally agree with you. It is possible but, grinding on a Colorado and then service cost. If not a good match, I usually end with $60-70k credits after ship service. I had premium for a week and getting a Pensacola and Colorado with millions credit worth of mods wasn’t a problem at all. I spent almost 12-13mil in probably 2-3 days. Premium expired and since then haven’t crossed 10mil mark

  14. Sounds like they are trying to make crap players last longer by giving them a heal but wont matter if you triple cit them and go HE GONE on their butts. A lot of the ships getting nerfed are ones you see people playing that don’t know how to angle so they get hit hard it is not the ships fault it is the idiot behind the controller. I hope this does not turn into an instance that he with the deepest pockets get the best ships granted i’ve spent a good amount on this game to get certain ships that I wanted (Kamikaze) or have spent many hours grinding to get (Alabama). I enjoy the grinding to get the campaign rewards but would like them to be a bit more balanced. I am up to 96 ships with grinding for the last 5 that I need to have them all at least till they bring out a new line to do. Thanks for the update my team plays on Saturday afternoon so not sure if I will make the stream depends on the weather.

  15. Interesting.

  16. If you want to balance the Iowa, only allow it to do 1 knot in reverse…????

  17. Are we getting aircraft carriers with this update ?

  18. I’m still upset that they release the black ships with no credit boosters or XP boosters it’s just a skin.

  19. ?? Till Saturday! Finally #1 (112 matches…) ⛵️?

  20. Augh so thire nerfing me and ny Akasuki becouse im so dam good…
    Thats nice i like a challenge

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