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today we are taking a look back at the most recent update and giving it a letter grade.


  1. D is a fair rating. Only one drivable track and constant crippling and always getting useless pickups based on running position led to a lot of losses and frustration.

    I toughed it out just for the crates and the boosters and CXP. Really frustrating.

  2. It was honestly a bad update and it looks like the highlight of the next one is the ship statistic we are waiting years for. Regarding the racing event: you could find some excuses why the ship handling is as bad as it is, but I can’t find an excuse why all relevant actions are put on controller buttons triggered with the left thumb. There must be some one-armed bandits in WGs dev department…

  3. I like this kind of content and hope you do this again.. Once the honeymoon stage is over kind of review/recap. THANKS!

  4. I mostly play vs the bots, and only up to level 5 because of how easily and frequently I lose silver with ships like Yamato and Shimikaze especially without premium. Without premium basically every game at rank 5 and up I lose silver. Just like War Thunder, I can’t spend actual money on this tbh.

  5. Thanks for pointing that out. Racing controls were that bad I haven’t had any fun playing this.

  6. Fair score I think, racing mode stank the place out, Celtic was ok but Lazy, Carnot meh and another paywall bureau, the Tier 8s were the highlight by the look of them (I will know more when I have the silver to buy one). Bulletproof looks like a fun DD but I just don’t see there will be many of them on the high seas because so few people could stand playing the racing game.

  7. I’d give the updated a c. Carnot is an OK ship much better then the pommern imo. But the racing is hands down the worst game I’ve ever played and I’m from the atari era. That says a lot lol. Great video!

  8. I’m reserving judgment until I get Bulletproof tomorrow as it had better be worth all the pain and suffering but at least she’ll be free. Aside from that Carnot will. Leave my port once an update (until she gets the Azuma treatment) as I try to sorte’ every premium I have at least once. Honestly she’s another argument for having more than 1 setup for commanders as i’m not changing my Colbert build for Lemon for a completely different ship. I was hoping the 4th anniversary update would be something to look forward to but it seems the trend now is break everyone’s builds so the y buy more commander items.

  9. In the UK the pot of gold was more expensive as an 8 pack then buying 8 individually – The St Patricks day content had nothing generous about it – It is a business but try not to make it look like extracting the maximum from your customers is the only goal.

  10. In total agreement with you, as I raced two races and I was done with it. That way of racing is not fun……

  11. The one map that’s a start to finish is quite fun I find. The map you have to run into walls and run 2 laps, I just leave every single time

  12. I tried to get back into the game after taking the Pommern campaign off (which as a BB main is surprising I passed that up) but man, I just couldnt be bothered to finish grinding for Carnot. I spent the 2500 dubloons to start the campaign but petered out.

    Thought about acquiring Celtic but decided against it in the end completely skipped over racing and the ranked. I don’t know if im just feeling total burnout or if I’m just moving past my fascination with this game.

    I’m really hoping the next campaign is better and that I can get back into it but as a primarily solo player I just don’t know.

  13. i feel like they knew the racing mode was a flop but they just wanted to update the store content regardless

  14. Tried racing once and instantly nope. Never bothered with it again but the atlantico I have and I think it a good ship in the right situation but it need a proper commander and then hopefully it will shine even more.

  15. I did one race amd went nah screw that lol, didn’t feel the same as the last one, i didn’t do many of them but dabled a little.

  16. They never will so long as people keep giving them loads of money

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