US AA POWER – 4,3k BASE XP – DES MOINES || World of Warships

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  1. Where to people find these CV players that fly over high AA ships?

  2. Great ship

  3. Epic desmoines no camper!

  4. DM with balls!!!!!

  5. World of WarChat

  6. Classic…TinPan gets wet early, spends the rest of the game telling everyone else what to do and being toxic as hell in the process.

  7. That tinpin guy what a potty mouth lmao

  8. Enemy CV player from the same clan? That explains why feeding 78 planes. Still, nice play on Des Moines.

  9. Worcester way better

  10. How can you upload replay like this. They sniped each others, the red midway is his clanmate. He can get ban for that.

  11. See sometimes you can do well in the Des Moines in open water!

  12. Come on Panzerknacker…usually i hate toxic comments but now i have to agree: this round was rigged like hell (even he rly played manly with the Des on this opened map)

  13. tin pan really needs to stfu

  14. gearing without last stand lol

  15. Im sorry, but look at the clan of the player. CMSW. And the clan of the ennemy CV ? CMSW. Guys, they just sniped themself…No skill or luck, just a clan mates giving planes for free..That’s sad you euploaded this Pasch..

  16. Rigged

  17. Dirty way….

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