US FRANKENSTEIN BB – OHIO WIP – 183K DmG 6 Kills || World of Warships

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  1. I want called the T10 Bismarck


    Btw, what sound mod is this?

  3. 1st the USS Georgia and now the USS Ohio BB 12, the Ohio officially had: Armament 4 x 12″/40 16 x 6″/50, 6 x 3″/50 – It was nice that they have been so accurate in design, but these 2 ships are not these 2 ships.

  4. Can’t wait for it. Brawling animal

  5. Well now buff m germans accuracy now, you don’t have excuses anymore

  6. achiilleas georgaras

    I hate it that they used the Yamato gun sound ….it should only be exclusive to 460s … Only these overmatching beasts should use that sound

  7. So the Conquerer was op so they nerfed it…and it’s 457mm guns are crap….
    But this is totally fine….
    And a 22second reload as well!!!

    • Brett Wilkins Conq not really a nerf just a raised citidel but give it improve and faster heal.

    • @KD is not 6’9 For sure,
      But I’d still like to see the Thunderer (when ever that get realised) with some nice 18″ guns like the Ohio has.

  8. Shaitan 999 Regnier

    Cuando saldria ese barco hermanos? .. Saludos o.o/

  9. Jonathan Simpson

    Good video I still like the Yamato though from what I heard it can be a pretty nasty ship. I’ve seen it just delete things from games. That’s if you have the right build.

  10. The Montana’s username “unsinkable3” because he sails away from every engagement

  11. That Montana has some skills, at every point he managed to have an island between him and anything he could shoot at, pure skill.

  12. That Montana was guarding the rear, that’s important in prison!!!

  13. Major Disappointment

    I really want to get the Ohio looks very fun…..thanks

  14. I really hope this is a ship that is never offered for sale for money or doubloons (yeah right) it should be strictly a reward ship so it’s a rare one. That being said, I’ll do whatever I need to (regrinding lines etc) to get my hands on my home state namesake.

  15. What is the incentive to go thru the grind in the tech tree when all these new premium ships are much more superior!! Its getting ridiculous. So many op ships now that the tech tree ships cant compete with!

  16. is it just my imagination or the sound just turn into alvin and the chipmunks style squeaky like ??

  17. For me montana and yama is best bbs.

  18. 17:37 Ohio: omae wa wo shindeiru
    Georgia: naniiii

  19. This mod sound killed my nerves…sorry this video get’s a *NO*!

  20. I once saw a Ohio in a game (a supertester who has got his hands on one) and i was in my yamato just casually going into games and earning commander xp and trying to Get legendary upgrade. Then i see this Ohio at 16KM range fully broadside like he was trying to Angle to our conqueror (which doesnt make sense since conqueror is a HE spammer and doesnt CARE about angling. So yeah i shoot and BTW that Ohio was at 90% health and i hit 3 citadels and some pens and hes gone.


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