US SECONDARY SNIPER CARRY || Massachusetts || World of Warships

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  1. 16:09 I checked my discord :c

  2. very good secondary guns

  3. Every time I see this ship in WoW why do I get that BeesGees song playing in my head?

  4. im so gonna buy this ship

  5. is this a new premium? looks like an alabama, but slightly different?

    • MetallicaLife4 yes. It’s a new one that should be released soon. Probably within a couple of weeks. It’s basically an Alabama with less accurate main guns but sick, almost German like secondaries that are more accurate. Going to be a fun ship.

    • picazzo5150 sounds like a challenge to play with and/or against:)

    • MetallicaLife4 She’s the Bama’s sister ship. Both South Dakota class.

    • Roddy229X Noticed the likeness, but her secondaries are scarier then most US BBs :’)

  6. This ship is the first t8 premium that hasn’t gone under fire for being either ridiculously strong or just too weak. Massachusetts will undoubtably be a strong ship with a well equipped arsenal. Wargaming really outdid themselves with this one

  7. I can’t wait to buy this ship!

  8. German: Wahaha our secondaries are unmatched.

    America: Hold my beer!

  9. Its really fun, but not OP or Something. Like it a lot

  10. Ich habe Zeit nicht für dich. Aber ich habe keine schule vormorgen

  11. Gunstar_ The_Legend

    I think the accuracy of the secondaries on the Mass is more along the lines of what it should have been on everything from N.C to Montana from the start.

  12. GG m8 GG

  13. Why ever play is on lower tier? if she is good and strong secondaries ship why she wouldn’t play in T10? Let’s see what would she do!! She is strong against lower tiers!!! Anyways I prefer German BBs secondaries!!!

  14. That North Carolina on the enemy was interesting.
    “We need 150 points to win, the enemy needs 350 points… they get points twice as fast as we do… using quick maths, that means I need to get out into the open to have a chance at winning this game.”

  15. Richard Roberson

    so all of a sudden the secondaries actually do what theyre supposed to do on this ship? and the other ships they cant because….?

  16. Lol, who needs Missouri ?

  17. Gut gespielt! Das Schiff macht einen echt guten Eindruck.

  18. Murcia! ? ?

  19. Alabama, but with Atlantas strapped to its sides.

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