1. Love your vids man, been a sub since 10k

  2. Will your existing achievements be transferrable though? Or would you have to earn them all over again? If the workaround even allows you to do so.

  3. You have Star Trek Online? (From you steam games on the side)

  4. You can have several Steam folders on different drives, or at least i do!

    note: Just a reminder for those who are always broke like me. If you don’t already have money on steam you will have to deposit a minimum of 5 euro to buy something that costs 1 euro, unless you can still buy it in the regular store, without Steam.

  5. Why use Steam for the account?

  6. Just use the “add non-steam games/stuff into your library” thingy, I’ve been using it since the very beginning

  7. I see Star Trek Online please play it and I want to see a video on it!

  8. Steam is for jews to maintain constant supervision of players

  9. How change te language of the game?
    i tried change the parameter “locale en” but nothing happen

  10. For people asking questions like “WHY WOULD I WANT IT THROUGH STEAM?” Because I want everything under one master launcher. Having multiple launchers/multiple passwords/multiple updates is a managing nightmare. Bigger question: If they claimed it was impossible to connect accounts, why is this workaround so easy?

  11. By all the gods, it has STEAM ACHIEVEMENTS

  12. Is there still a way to switch server without creating a new account ?

  13. I’ll just keep them separate…

  14. Is there any advantage of using steam instead of the normal link?

  15. cool thx
    nice steam achievments 🙂

  16. That’s helpful, thanks iChase

  17. how do we use mods on steam version?

  18. Why oh WHY is this so retarded? did they just assume NONE of the current players will want to use their game through steam?

    • Yahliamir was wondering this myself…. They are stupid if they think the current player base is gonna rebuy everything because it’s now on steam… idiots

  19. Anyone know how to send gifts via the new account made with the wargaming account? I really want to use steam to buy items and i was wondering if i could but gift it to my other account with the new one. I dont see an option and i cant login with the new account on the website as it requires an email and the steam account doesnt give an email so…. anyone pls help

  20. OR, just play without steam.. duhhhhh…

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