Ushakov -The biggest soviet fantasy arrived in world of warships

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  1. Powered by the finest vodka in the whole of the motherland

  2. The ship looks like a beast. The AA might be the best at the start of the game but it would only last till 1 HE salvo 🙂

  3. Wasn’t this thing supposed to have a smolensk strapped on either side as well? Or was that a different Soviet Supership?

    • Apparently, PQ on the NA community tried testing out secondary builds but found it disappointing, and even on tank build I think he felt underwhelmed. While it can take a lot of pain, “battle influence” was sup-par according to him.

    • It still looks interesting enough to want to try out. The only issue I have with it is needing to not use Kuznetsov in any of my other Russian BBs if I retrain him for that. I don’t have that much xp laying around to swap back and forth.

  4. i see you and flambass already with that monster ship on two brothers in the middle banging everything away 😀

  5. Trenlass…
    By now when someone asked if it will be balanced you have to answer “Yes it is, by war gaming standards”

  6. I hope it gets increased ricochets on angling too, that would only be fair!

  7. 5 Zao’s worth of HP.

  8. Someone might have a new favorite ship! GG! Plus 224 K in the first game. I think that this one is a keeper.

  9. There should be a function in game that as you get closer to an enemy in that ship that the Soviet anthem start playing softly in the background and gets louder as you get closer

  10. That EVIL laugh!!! 🙂

  11. The super petro will certainly be interesting if the BB version is anything to go by…

  12. It’s like playing any kind of make-believe with a pre-teen. They will always invent something to ensure that they have the best, the greatest, the ultimate.

  13. He toke a satsuma volley in the flat broadside 12km not even 20k….all you need to know about this ship

  14. It’s hilarious how hard is Soviet bias in game and still you can find people trying to justifiyng saying: “no no no, its 100% accurate” xDD

  15. Russia couldn’t even afford the paper for the blueprints to build this ship. If you’re going to dream, dream big WG.

  16. If they’d been able to build that, it would have been the only ship in the fleet.

  17. Surprised it didn’t have 12 of those guns to increase the balanse.

  18. Someone is saying,” Owiee take it out it hurts” ! On that citadal hit,lol

  19. F key is known as the Slava button in this thing. Slava accuracy with overmatch and armor… oof

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