Using Proxy as Hydro – World of Warships

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Some ships come equipped with hydrophone which can detect enemy ships at certain distance, even through land, however in the world of magic there is another way to detect someone at a bit shorter distance and also through land, and that is called proxy detection.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Why you go on the same cap with other dd??))

    • a 2v1 is better than a 1v1 and your team doesnt loss so much HP if you have to gun the enemy down quicker. same reason, why blowouts or arms race snowballs so fast.

    • @@GodOfWaaar
      Arms race should give buffs whenever a friendly is sunk.
      4 different buffs, 3 stages per buff type makes 12 buffs.
      And coincidentally, there are 12 ships per team…
      Changes the buffs from a snowball mechanic into a catch-up mechanic.

  2. That was a nice touch there in the first game. Couldn’t dodge both torps. Dead anyway, so might as well block them both for your teammate.

  3. Thank God I’m not the only one who die like this 😅

  4. “Is this guy AFK? He’s just suiciding”

    Proceeds to suicide

  5. @francoisgayout7000

    very long time since I see a vid of you dying on the very first moment of a game … at least your not made ^^ 😉

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