USS Alabama / “Good news, everyone!”

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So, about that Alabama…


is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:

Want to see me playing live?


  1. good lol doesn’t matter though cause Yamato gives 0 shits about angling

  2. hi jedi

  3. She’s still inferior to the NC in almost every way.

  4. Glad they fixed it… Would have bought it anyway, but now it’ll just be better…

  5. The Futurama reference greatly amuses me.

  6. 4:30 Jedi!… such language. 😀

  7. I cant wait to get this ship , awesome !

  8. Historical accuracy doesn’t really matter if the game doesn’t allow these ships to fight at ranges they were designed to.

  9. I’ve been to see it and wow it’s a bute. Have you done anything on the Texas because I live there and taht sounds pretty cool ?

  10. okay, so maybe I’m gonna reconsider buying this now…assuming it’s not 50 bucks like my Tirpitz was once upon a time (I think that ship’s still my most played now, lol).

    trust me I’d love her but I’m also kinda broke as hell…

  11. The USS Alabama is parked less than ten miles from my house!

  12. It is interesting that even the designers of US battleships were seeing border camping as the main tactic 😉 But, both in the game and in reality, this was not the case. Most battleship fights in WW2 were at distances well below 20-25k yards (just like in WoWS) and the only NorthCal / SouthDakota fight happened to be at point-blank range.
    So – design flaw, sorry Yankees! Bad assumptions. Germans just did better :]

  13. Sweet home Alabama 😀

  14. when are the iowa/missouri/montana getting this buff to

  15. My yamato always fuck up op premium warships so this warship will be fucked up too

  16. Its beautiful.

    While yeah, your going to take damage, you just wont be going to make a turn and LOLDELETED. Alabama with that citadel will allow it to play like a Battleship. You will be able to angle it and actually use the back guns. You will have the flexibility to actually affect the battle.

  17. hurr durr Yamato will lolpen this ship I aint give a shit hurr durr… WE GET IT YAMATO HAS 460MM FFS…Jezzz the fanboys

  18. Michail Merzlyutin

    Sorry, but Iowa’s armor was NOT good IRL. It has nearly zero immunity zone against own guns for various reasons(primarily thank to the new SHS shell). The NC/SD/Montana designs were much more balanced, the Iowa was not. It was protected against Kongo(the primary prey for Iowas by design) 14 inch guns and it was fast enough to catch Kongos.

  19. When is it for sale?

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