USS ALASKA 193K DMG 0.7.11 test and Stats || World of Warships

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  1. Lightning トリアージX

    hope this ship comes for coal or free xp, but i hope coal, and i purchase it

  2. Нас что так много?

  3. USS Alaska Battle Cruiser ?

  4. 11.9km concealment while Moskva has 13.8km? Nice power creep WG.

    • You can’t really compare Alaska to Moskva, Moskva is sniper with a lot tougher armor protection. You can kinda compare it to Kronshtadt but that’s also a different play-style…

    • +Adam Fandel Play style doesn’t really matter overall though. Concealment should be based on gun calibre, Alaska has BB guns so should automatically be worse than Moskva otherwise cruisers just keep getting fucked. Take Conqueror for example, retarded concealment better than many cruisers.

    • +John Smith Concealment should be based on the size of the ship and not on gun calibre.

    • +John Smith no need to bring up the conq, thing takes more damage than most cruisers so if it had BB concealment no one would be playing it as they’d die faster than they do already. This Alaska seems to be a crappier Mo

    • +N W But then you have instances where a BB can creep up on a cruiser and one shot him, how is that fun?

  5. they gona remove musashi and kronstadt new ships comming for free xp i think.U already have coal ships and steel… so im hoping for free xp.

    • Too bad, there is a news that it will be 1m free exp. Not sure if it is true but there is leak image

    • ​+Galen Gamotin i have like 1,1m free xp i was saving taht for long time… didnt want to spend ont those ship right now…. i was stupid and spend on Nelson,i didnt get Missouri…. now im saving for ship.

    • +Nenad Nesha well, lets see if this ship can print credit unlike the salem worst prem credit maker.

    • +Galen Gamotin i have Salem… i agree its not much credit mashine,but damage mashine … omg .. i make aprox 140k damage in game with salem

    • Supposedly Musashi’s original price was 1 million in the data mined files but was lowered on release

  6. Oversized Cruiser or Mini Battleship?

  7. How does she fair against T10 – chances are that’s what she’ll face the majority of the time!:(

  8. 1,000,000 Free Exp. Not 100% sure but there is possibility.

  9. Hopefully we get to see the German Cruiser O, the Japanese B-65 Ishikari and Holland’s Project 1047 real soon.

  10. Poor mini copy of an Iowa… No thank you WG!

  11. also i read that they plan to maybe increase the aircraft carriers per match ot make them with more air units?If this happens wouldnt be wiser to make larger maps and put more players per team?

  12. The American Moskva?

  13. I saw 2 new cruisers for the Pan Asian branch between Giulio and Jean it a new ship then??

  14. Nothing like long range gunnery duels in (mostly) open water and not a plane in sight

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