USS Alaska / “The Ship of Steel”

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Is it a battlecruiser? Is it a large ? No, it’s… Super !

*cue music*


is a multiplayer warship game – you can sign up through:

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  1. 👍👍👍

  2. “The Stalingrad will be in the game at some point” :thonk:

  3. She’s a beauty, very sleek, her lines are sexy .

  4. Andre_Prime is indeed a new CC 😉 Channel Arctica

  5. They probably should have turned them into the first really big missile cruisers

    But reported for play testing…..that’s got to be a first lol

    • Actually, there were quite a few proposals in the decades after WWII, into rebuilding both the Alaska’s and the Iowa’s into missile-capable ships. For the Alaska’s, these plans mainly centered around the Hawaii, the partially completed third ship of the class, which would have required far less work and money to convert. But the USN had Cleveland and Baltimore class cruisers in spades, and they did convert many of these, in varying degrees, to carry the first generation Terrier and Talos SAM missile systems.

    • “But reported for play testing…..that’s got to be a first lol” … It really isn’t. Trust me. Source: I’m a supertester on NA. Getting reported happens about two or three times per test cycle.

    • Seriously? But you’re such a funny guy!

  6. I’ve been saving for this; I already have the Kronshtadt, so may wait a bit until I have more info on this one? Think the Alaska has 27 mm decks and US Cruiser auto-bounce, but the Kron has better health, heals and ray guns. If something like the Kron, Alaska should be a good ship. You would like either of them I think? Streaming WOWS again anytime soon Jedi? Hope so. Cheers and thanks.

  7. Stalingrad IS in the game. Like I was playing last time in the end of August and lots of Stalingrads because it was launched at 0.7.8 … maybe this was recorded few weeks ago or…. I don’t know

  8. Is the state flag on it? I’d buy them if WG ever wanted to make micro-purchase money.

  9. She looks fun I enjoy the idea of battle cruiser play style so I will be tempted,

    As for being reported for test playing that is a new one I’m used to being reported for getting krakens or generally just killing salty people but that’s really a strange reason

  10. Bit of history point you missed or didn’t know when talking about her IRL, and that is the class was intended to counter japan’s developement of a pretty much identical type of ship, a super heavy cruiser armed with 3×3-12inch guns. comparible armor and reload to the alaska. But the USN was able to respond and fully build the ship before japan could even lay the keel for theirs, despite them starting development first. The japanese ship class was known as the B65 class. (Though ofc it would of recieved a proper japanese class name once construction was started, some people think it would of been called the Ishikari class, can’t confirm a source on that though)

  11. Kinda looks like that if you want to citadel a BB with the Alaska, plunging fire at range is going to be your best bet. The 305’s are going to have a hard time reaching the citadel any other way.

  12. Baltimore was a heavy cruiser with 8″ (203mm) guns no comparison to the Alaska class

  13. The Alaska has the same .033 fuse timer as the DM. the issue is the fuse threshold.

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