USS Balao and Submarines are Ridiculous in World of Warships

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Submarines are here, and they are ridiculous. Granted, this is co-op, but just from playing USS Balao in co-op, I can already tell we might have issues with submarines, or at least this particular sub. How did Wargaming think that this was a good idea to add to World of Warships? How did USS Balao make it in to the game as is? Why does it have 93 knot torpedoes? 93. Knot. Torps. And yes, they are ridiculous. Imagine being a destroyer that can dive and your torps home. I have serious concerns now. Very serious concerns about the implementation of submarines in World of Warships. I hope that ranked gameplay will prove me wrong and these will be a non-factor.


  1. @NoZoupForYou 20-21kt top speed surfaced is typical for S boats and following classes in WWII. I agree that warships is not a simulation but in the earlier days it felt like they at least tried to do service to reality to some extent. Now it feels like this is a slap in the warships community’s face telling us, “you’ll take it and like it”, and my response is nope! I used to play ships most nights for a few games at least and was a fixture and clam battles for every season until the last one. There’s just nothing satisfying or entertaining about it anymore. In the past two weeks I think I’ve played one game. Here’s the question I haven’t seen addressed however. How is anti-submarine warfare going to be conducted? We haven’t seen a whole lot about how these submarines are going to be countered. With 90 plus knot torp speeds, even a nimble fast destroyer is going to have a hard time closing on a sub to drop depth charges.

  2. Adding the term “butt torpedo” to my words not to say in a crowded room of strangers list.

  3. Weegee is incompetent at adding new classes this isn’t new.

  4. The subs bring out the worst of how the game looks/feels for movement. In the testing the sliding and rushing just looked and felt so bad. Every corner was a “drift” that looked like it should of been folding the sub in half.
    The weird thing is that DD’s don’t have that feeling as much, but maybe that is due to the size of them or the fact that they have a larger turning circle.

    I’ll probably just go play some UBOAT or Cold Waters instead and ignore subs when I want to play Warships.

  5. As a coop player thanks to the developers for stealing two spots in the game to add on your arcade boats.

  6. IICR the surface speed of a ww2 “fleet sub” rarely exceeded 15-17 knots in practice. They rarely met their design speed anyway, especially under less than optimum surface conditions.

  7. It is over, I’m out, wargaming refuses to listen to the player base, their clients, my wallet has been closed for almost 2 years now because of the shit they pull and now I am just tired of it, there are better games where I can waste my money and enjoy it.

  8. WG: We hear your concerns and are pleased to announce we are adding smoke generators and radar.

  9. Why did I waste all the time for testing and giving feedback – and then my fav game gets infested with the opposite of what I wanted. Well, at least it was my fav game 2015-2020. I have moved on and honestly, it makes me sad.

  10. Well, we have been in uncharted waters for a long time. Subs is just part of the issue.
    My question is: what happened to the fun subs that we had in late 2018? They had the perfect format for those and none of “pinging” stuff, it was all manual. I am just waiting until a new competitor shows up and challenge WG at their own game.

  11. Russian logic:
    Balao: Looks old, acts like a Seawolf
    K-Class: Akula on steroids

  12. Top speed of a US Fleet Submarine during WWII was 21 knots, on a clam sea, perfect conditions and perfectly tuned engines

  13. 93 knots? If you take the “Swift Fish” captains skill, AND install the upgrade module for torps, you can kick them up to 98 knots.

  14. Some history of these classes (not related to WoWS): The Type XXI was revolutionary for its high battery capacity and streamlining, allowing a high underwater speed for brief periods. However, only two boats of this type made war patrols, and they sank no ships. After the war the US, British, and Soviet navies built or converted submarines inspired by it, using captured Type XXI’s for research. The USN converted perhaps 50 Balao- and Tench-class boats to GUPPY configuration, which had snorkels and streamlining, combined with four new batteries replacing the two WWII ones. Compared to WWII USN batteries, the new batteries were about half the physical size but equal capacity. 31 boats received the austere Fleet Snorkel conversion, which added a snorkel and streamlining but retained the older batteries. Balao in the game is shown in the Fleet Snorkel configuration, which retained the pointy wartime bow; historically Balao was not converted. Eventually the Tang class was built including a number of lessons learned from WWII. The Soviet Whiskey class of 236 boats was their most-produced boat inspired by the Type XXI. The British converted eight T-class boats and several others to GUPPY equivalent.

    • yeah, the different hull shape left a bunch of unused room along the bottom so they filled it with batteries. As the battery charge gets lower, so does the amount of power the electric engine can output; thus, the brief but high speeds.

  15. im guessing cyclones and storms don’t affect subs either giving them yet another advantage.

  16. Some destroyers can’t even catch a sub. I guess next they will provide quarter slots on our PC full on Arcade. End of the line.

  17. Max speed of the Balao was just over 20 knots surfaced, about 9 submerged.

  18. I’ve been given the ability to test the rank 6 submarines and they feel way more balanced. They dont take away half your health when you torpedo enemys.

  19. That alright NoZoup, Wargaming can’t have anything over powering unless it Russian to be in the game. It will be nerf in so much and so many ways that it will be like fighting surface ships in a Turtle from 1775. Soon all you will have in a random game is a couple of submarines and all the rest DD’s because no one can take any big boys out without being able to dodge or fight back. DD’s will have the speed and fire power to make it in a game. Just when everyone thought BB won’t be sitting in the back anymore because of Deadeye is gone, Wargaming does this.

  20. The best thing are the deph charges. On a lot of cruisers you can SEE them on the ship but you are not allowed to use them

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