USS Benham the new TORPEDO Machine || World of Warships

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  1. the new kid on the Block….. what you guys think ?

  2. Can buy with savage crates

  3. Instructive game unfortunately it is not easy to get this ship

  4. Love the vids

  5. Good boat captain!

  6. new kitakami in disguise

  7. What’s the gun velocity?the shells just hang in the air

  8. Krzysztof ElPolako

    Dobry content… oby tak dalej 😀

  9. any regular DD that tier cannot pull that off, T5 torp reload in T9 match

  10. Spinney torpedo boi

  11. A minute reload as well…. that’s just ridiculous when you have 16 torps

  12. Stephen Cartiglia

    Is it just me or did the ship sound like it was electric?

  13. The end scene is something I’d like to see in a movie. A destroyer, loaded with civilians tries to escape. He know he has just one chance and that is speed. So he leave his somke screen. The Yamato turn it’s gun as soon as he left the smoke. The turrerts are almost aiming at him but in the last moment is the destroyer turning and get cover behind an island and escape safely

  14. This guy sure loves launching at the white line.

  15. I hope it will come for freeXP or coal after that boring and ultra grindy rogue event.

  16. Way better than Yugumo

  17. I wonder if you can get this with free from event

  18. Nice pixels. But what a pity – u can’t take them into grave.

  19. Yeah, yeah. Those people who use Yugumo or akizuki in Season 11 now has another Option. Nice, WG.

  20. Dude add commentary.

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