USS BENHAM || Torpedo Monster || World of Warships

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Danke !


  1. that makes a song comes in my mind where the guy keeps saying (spins me right around when you go down)

  2. Too bad they nerfed it on console

  3. entire fleet of ca and bb balanced.

  4. The kitikaze at the beginning managed to eat 3 torps and survive

  5. I play IJN dds and the cooldown on american torps are amazing oO

  6. ok next ship

  7. Benham is mahan in tiers IX

  8. World of Warships Advanced Gameplaying

    Can you show us the 19 points of that captain’s skills in Benham, please?

  9. Bad play from the Benham he should have capped C instead of ignoring it his team was already down on points….. basically a selfish player

    • Why should he cap, and risk dying, when his team is sitting in the back like lazy cowards, and not giving him cover fire? It’s not his fault the rest of his team were potatoes. You can’t expect DDs to cap, tank, and pretty much do everything, so everyone else can just hide behind islands, or sit way in the back, and farm HP/EX points.

    • If he had of pushed C he would have died and his team would have lost.

    • disagree….capping C with a major force just outside…not smart. stay alive and cap when possible. Early capping DDs tend to die.

    • @Exodriver Watch again the BB’s were trying to cap and they kept getting reset…. the BB’s could have kept moving while he capped… he had plenty of time to do it without being attacked… thats why

    • Ok you people need to rewatch the video because clearly your brains are not working

  10. Truly a torp machine gun. 🙂

  11. My perspective is mostly from a DD since that’s what I play most often, ca’s, bbs please shoot DD’s when spotted, the first part of this game made me angry 🙂

    • Asking a BB to shoot, once every 20-30 seconds at a fast moving DD is ignorant. They’re going to get one shot off. And, there also MUST be either a CA or DD in FRONT of the BB..otherwise, the BB deserves to get blapped.

    • @Dennis Svitak it was more asking for anyone to shoot, everyone asks lots of DD players and almost always never support them. Ignorant, nah, just be a team player, if you’re spotted, shoot

  12. 4 bb vs 1 dd, zero counterplay

  13. Outstanding !!!

  14. This Benham carried his team. With no help, he bullied and herded most of their team from one side of the map to the other.

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