USS Black – 3k XP – 240k dmg || World of Warships

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USS Black R; 3k XP – 240k Player: svadilfari Ship : IX Black

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  1. William Machefer

    How we can get the Black ?

  2. uss black death

  3. Nerissa Silchenko

    Kinda boring, but thanks.

  4. GG fun to watch 🙂

  5. 14:24 that tactic was brilliant, it’s one I use myself in the Fletcher a lot. Hold your fire until you’re sure your torps will hit the ship once it starts moving when you DO open fire on it, drawing the enemy out. It’s like when you drop torps against a cruiser or a battleship and you open fire so they’ll turn after you so they can also use their rear turret(s) = turning right into your torps.

  6. Sooo weird , the torps are so slow you have two sets traveling each time!

  7. Would buy on the spot if Wargaming decides to sell this USS Black

  8. in 5:30 that torp goes right through the boat..

  9. 2:15 Wargaming WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  10. Indeed a bit boring, if you post these gamplays for viewers show the torpedo hits and exploding ships when posible otherwise it’s very boring, like your channel don’t get me wrong, i watch every day so …

  11. Hjalfnar Feuerwolf

    Some people say I am dumb to push on smoke screens in my german BBs. I just saw 3 BBs ignoring the smoke screen and the DD within wrecking them. Sooooo…guys, what do you think?

  12. employeewg_47 terrain_21

    what is this? new ship or what?

  13. Black, the “No, fletcher is not OP enough” ship

  14. 老司机兼大贤者

    i got benson with 3001 base exp, almost 200k dmg gameplay in T6 game, but idk to record…..

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