USS Black is BACK – the Radar smoke DD

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Return of the US Tier 9 DD Black for dubs and coal!! Review by OverlordBou World of Warships NA CC.

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  1. When exactly will it be available for coal?

  2. I just don’t see spending that much for the Black. Good DD but not anything special. T9 Kitakaze or even a Fletcher is a better choice IMO that don’t cost anything besides the grind. I have a Fletcher with a reload of 2.8 seconds and the Kita is even lower. Yeah the radar is awesome for bullying other DD’s but you got to be able to put shells on target. Again IMO save the coal for an F. Sherman or Marceau if you want a coal DD

    • Tyty, I was wondering about this v Sherman

    • @Harper Nalley If you play competitive just get Black. Radar still more valuable for team. But i will choose Sherman does matter competitive or no it has great firepower and hydro also you can fight with any DD most of the time.

  3. Thank you very much!

  4. Glad I could help

  5. sometimes i wish i didnt spend steel on these ships because steel takes forever to farm only for it to be sold as coal, sometimes i want them to refund me some of my steel, examples are black and neustrashimy

  6. Definitely grabbing it for coal

  7. i love this ship, its my favorite to play next to the shimakaze

  8. Nice, looks like a great coal ship. Thanks for the review Bou.

  9. Is Black that the ship supposed to be available on Coal??? Not much ahead to be seeing on the random bundles

  10. So we work our butt off just to be able to buy it for cash?!?! lmfao nah im gud

  11. Black 5 x 1 127mm guns vs Groningen 2×2 120mm.. very uneven fight

  12. i am glad i got this when it was a rank reward. i do not think it is worth the coal or what you need in the campaign.

  13. Thx for telling us that it will come for coal later, I was pissed that it was locked behind the portal crap and then on top of that 19k dubs… lol

  14. Dionysos.G.karavokirakos

    best fucking dd ever

  15. it is in the armory

  16. yep it is the wisest opition

  17. Nice, just the gimmick ship we need to perfect this game!
    Now we’ll have more DDs rush straight forward and die like an idiot.

  18. hmm I got the Black but mine don’t have Radar, only smoke and speed boost? I bought the Radar upgrade but still dont get it when I mount it, wtf am I doing wrong? this ship have Radar or not?

  19. Wait ..did you finish the campaign already? How do you have the camo so fast ?

  20. FR33STYL3 B4ND1T

    Can I get this camo? Or I need to get it in the promo? I ahve the Black already.

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