USS BLACK Kraken || World of Warships

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  1. Is it just me or are all of Panzer’s replays really quiet?

  2. M a x i k i n g

    Findest du die Black zu stark?

  3. confused by this player but gg

  4. AlphaNapalmBravo 22

    Can you now get USS Black with coal and steel because I got flint and I really want black

  5. That pilot is too op plz nerf it

  6. I prefer white krakens

  7. Piękny mecz kolego rozegrałeś

  8. Kazeshini Hasagi

    This is gonna be a meme..
    Her black torps are hittin below the waterline ^^

  9. Ambrose Mcdonald

    why show this replay? its a fairly average 5 kill game. are you running out of good replays lol

    • yep
      he didn’t show my replay with 230k dmg but this one …. don’t find something extraordinary in this replay :/

  10. I always feel strange
    this ship named BLACK
    but she is white color ( kappa

  11. LOL….

  12. Black should always have torpedo acceleration

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